Effective Tips for Choosing the Best Bong Cleaning Brushes

August 22, 2018 Bong Posts

Effective Tips for Choosing the Best Bong Cleaning Brushes

A spruced-up, clean bong makes for better-tasting smokes. That is what you need to know about the Best bong brush. Regular cleanups will do your pipes, bongs, and glasses a world of good.


Cleaning such pieces are tedious. Hence, choosing the best bong brush is just as important as selecting your favourite smoking product brands. Investing in the best products will prolong your bong’s functionality.


Bongs can be had in a variety of shapes—some models come with a neat selection of chambers while some feature ice catches. Because of these differences, every piece needs specific cleaning procedures. If you want to acquire more information on pipe brushes for cleaning your bong, this article has got you covered.


Functions of a Bong Cleaning Brush

Brushes meant for cleaning bongs come in a good range of sizes. The different types of bong brushes are used for softly scrubbing all the dirt and dregs that accumulate in the bong.


Most brushes are composed of tough PU or polyurethane plastic and a material which resembles fabric. The polyurethane parts are responsible for taking out dirt in the bong while the fabric-like elements guarantee that no traces of dust will remain in the piece as soon as you pull the brush out of the bong.


These brushes can also be used to clean other glass objects plus some vaporizer components, toilets or vases. To clean the brushes, all you need to do is wash them with soap and water, and they’re good to go.

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Helpful Tips on Buying Bong Cleaning Brushes

There is a wide range of cleaning brushes for bongs available today. Choosing a set can be a challenge. But with these tips in mind, you can get brushes that will thoroughly clean your pieces and help extend their service.


  • Mind the brush material

The brush parts of a bong cleaning brush come in different types, with the most common being PU plastic, as mentioned earlier. While there are smokers who prefer this kind of material, you can also check out natural boar bristle types and nylon brushes.


There are several who recommend bong brushes with natural boar bristles since these items are capable of cleaning pieces without the risk of scratching surfaces. Nylon is also a material that is great for giving your smoking equipment a nice scrub-down while at the same time, makes for excellent durability.


Do not forget to check out the cleaning tips of these brushes as well. Most are into soft cotton tips since they are excellent for taking away scum remains and tough stains on glass pieces.


  • Size matters

The bong or tube cleaning brush often comes in sets, in an excellent range of sizes. Bong cleaning brushes are available in different sizes so they can scrub a variety of pieces. With different sizes, you will be able to clean the insides and surfaces of different bongs, pipes, and tubes.


A good set of cleaning brushes is also great for cleaning other items like vases, bird feeders, and other related containers.


Ergonomics is also another factor you need to check out when it comes to choosing cleaning brushes. An ergonomic brush will be capable of removing all unsightly grime and dirt without leaving irreparable damage on the surface of your pieces.


Pair your Brush with a Good Bong Cleaner

The tube cleaner brush is great equipment for regular bong maintenance; however, if you partner it with the best bong cleaner for thorough cleanups, your beloved smoking equipment will continue to provide you with excellent service.


Bong cleaning procedures can be a pain in the bum if you do not have the proper goods. Most users rely on isopropyl alcohol and salt to get the job done however if you want a meticulously clean bong, you do need to splurge on the best smoking pipe cleaner. Here are some excellent recommendations:


  • Formula 420

This product comes with Abrasive Action Technology which can pull of complete removal of resin within a minute. The product is also a breeze to use and has a sweet orange scent to it.


  • Zen Master

The Zen Master cuts dirt and grease on bongs and pipes, cleaving them as pure as driven snow. It is also made with a non-acidic, gentle, acetone and alcohol-free formula which can be used on other items like vaporizers and hookahs.


Clean your pieces regularly so you will be able to appreciate the flavours of your favourite smoking stuff fully. With the help of the best brushes and cleaners, your pieces will stay spanking new.

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