2018 Glass Bongs: 4 Bong Brands to Consider for Smoking

August 16, 2018 Bong Posts

2018 Glass Bongs: 4 Bong Brands to Consider for Smoking

With the growing population of smokers, the market is now offering vast selections on how they can enjoy smoking further. We only knew traditional cigarettes before, but now, we can see smokers using other ways to enjoy their favorite products. The market provides a lot of bong brands to smokers, and one of the most creative ways is the use of bongs.

Bongs are like laboratory apparatuses that you used way back in your chemistry class. This creative filtration device is sometimes referred to as a water pipe because it uses water to create smoke.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Smoking Glass Bongs

Aside from being effective, bongs are also versatile when it comes to its materials. The market offers vast options, which are made out of ceramic, metal and even bamboo. Another material that is frequently use dis glass.

Glass bongs are mostly bought because of the clean taste it gives to smokers. The good thing about the material is that it doesn’t disturb the flavor of the smoke.

Another good thing about glass bongs is the easiness to monitor and clean it. This is why it’s more expensive compared to other materials. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that there are no affordable bong brands that are made out of glass out there.

If you’relooking to find out the highest rated 2018 bongs that are affordable, here are some glass bong brands you might want to give a try:

Picture of Glass Bongs

Lessen the Hazard With the HoneyCombPerc Stemless

If you prefer to smoke differently, bongs are wonderful. However, if you got to smoke creatively, you got to learn how to handle these with extra care because these are brittle.

The HoneyCombPerc Stemless glass bong introduced by Black Leaf is the ideal bong if you are slightly clumsy because this flute-like bong is made of thick silicate glass.

Some highlights about the HoneyCombPerc are the ice catch feature wherein you can put ice cubes to give your hit a chill feel and the splash guard which draws out the nasty flavor.

You can get this at prices ranging around $119 in the market.

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Get That Best Oil Feel as a Perk From Microperc

If you are searching for the best bongs on Amazon that are intended for oils, Black Leaf has another glass bong designed for your oil-based favorites.

Looking lustrous in its seven available colors in the market, the Microperc Oil Bong is designed with a flaredmouthpiece to give you comfort, and it’s also built with borosilicate glass.

The main feature of Microperc is its built-in showerhead diffuser, which chills down the smoke after breakingit up into finer bits. This gives smokers a smooth smack filled with savor.

Despite Microperc’s20 cm length, this bong gives a large impact, and it’s very easy to clean.Isn’t that impressive for a price of $49?

Straight Ice for That Immediate Cooling Touch

If you’re longing for that winter wonderland feeling, Grace Glass has just the right glass bong for your vibe.

The eye-catching Straight Ice Bong in green color is designed with a lucid glass handle built with high-quality borosilicate glass. It also has a straight mouthpiece that’s designed with green beads.

Some of the highlights of the Straight Ice are having a removable stilted diffuses down stem and a stilted splash guard that averts water from splattering into your mouth.

The best thing about the Straight Ice is on how it can hold some cubes, which adds extra coolness for a silkier hit. Not only it gives an immediate cooling effect, but it also gives your lungs and throat an easy hit.

The Straight Ice is an exceptional choice among the brand list of bongs at $79 price.

Mini by Size and by Price yet Bigger by Impact

We must admit that big glass bongs are striking and fancy. Using it gives you that nerdy yet cool impression. But if you’re a minimalist who prefers to smoke a bong in the simplest way possible, then Weed Star has your back.

Say goodbye to your hard times in keeping your bong elsewhere when you have the Blowjob Glass Mini Bong. This tiny bong is made out of significant and durable borosilicate glass. It has a curved mouthpiece with a solid glass rim, and it’s designed with a separable chillum down-stem.

Some of the good points about the Blowjob Glass is that it gives you ease in cleaning it and also in storing it, especially on private spaces or small drawers.

Regardless of being tiny, the Blowjob Glass gives you both comfort and a solid hit at a $19.99 price.

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Time to Sit Back at Ease With the Dude Layback Set

Glass bongs don’t only give you smoking pleasure, but these can also add beauty, as displays for your home. Some might even think it’s not a bong, rather an antique apparatus collection bought from a yard sale. The only risk is that what if someone accidentally breaks it.

As we all know, most bongs are not sold with cases. Smokers are having a hard time in finding the best fit for theirs. Thanks to Dude Glass, you don’t have to worry about shattered bongs anymore.

The Dude Layback Glass Bong is a typical layback bong that features a carb hole and a downstem with an 18.88 mm funnel vessel. Going beyond the usual, it comes with a case.

The Dude Layback comes with an aluminum case that secures your precious smoking apparatus. Not only it has its own case, but it also has accessories such as metal screens, lighters, and an acrylic grinder.

If you have to go somewhere, the case gives you ease to carry it along without any hassle because it’s very light. This is indeed worthy of the $79 price.

In the search for the best bongs on the market for 2018, these bong brands are not really that bad for starters. You may still be able to find other brands from the best online retailers out there on the Internet, but these brands cater to things that usual smokers are looking for as their ideal glass bongs.

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