Acrylic vs. Glass Bongs

April 16, 2019 Bong Posts

Acrylic vs. Glass Bongs

Out in the market for a bong? There are several designs and materials to choose from that you’re stuck in deciding which one to get. On this post we’ll talk about acrylic vs. glass bongs – their differences, features, and what sets them apart from each other.


Acrylic bongs are interesting to look at because they are made with various shapes, designs, and colors.

Glass bongs are cooler and sleek in design. Since most of them are hand blown, their models are personal and unique.


Acrylic bongs don’t easily break when dropped or compressed. This durability makes them a perfect companion for smokers who love to travel or always on the go.

Glass bongs need a bit of TLC to handle. They can break if dropped, bumped, or toppled over the wrong way.

rick and morty acrylic straight tube bong with aluminum bowl 8 inch

Acrylic bongs like the The Rick and Morty Straight bong has designs that make it fun to use.


Acrylic material is thinner, which gives it a low-quality feel to it. Its light material also makes it easy to knock over. Acrylic bongs eventually turn cloudy after extended use even if you do regular maintenance.

Glass bongs, in comparison, are thicker regardless of their fragility. They are sturdier to the touch and have a longer lifespan compared to acrylics. Because of their weight, glass bongs offer better tabletop stability.


You need a bit of elbow grease when cleaning an acrylic bong. You have to wash it with hot water and dish soap with a bottle brush because these don’t cause any reaction with the material. Bong cleaning agents can damage the acrylic material and may even stick to the acrylic.

Glass bongs are easier to clean. You can use natural or synthetic chemicals to take out resin from the bong. A thorough rinse with hot water after cleaning is enough to remove any chemical residue from your cleaning agents.

Smoking experience

Acrylic bongs deliver smoke that is harsh and hot. Some poorly-made acrylic bongs are thought to release chemicals once they come in contact with heat. As a result, there’s an undesirable change in the taste and smell of the smoke. The effect and change is detectable almost immediately, or after a using your bong for a while.

Glass is inert. It does not react to heat and chemicals as acrylic material does. You will taste the authentic flavor of your herbs with a glass bong better. As long as you regularly maintain your glass bong, the first hit will taste the same as the last one.


Acrylic bongs cost $19-$40 in some head shops. BigDaddySmoke acrylic bongs go for $11.99-$39.99, all of them artfully designed and created to function well for your sesh. The price can come in handy for emergencies when you can’t afford (yet) to buy a high-quality bong of your choice

Glass bongs, on the other hand, costs higher because of the material and fabrication. Most glass bongs are handmade and created by expert glass blowers who are also smokers. Our glass bongs cost $47.99 – $355.60, with thick glass bongs ranging from $63.99 to $109.99

To recap:

table comparing acrylic and glass bong features

Both bongs have their benefits and can deliver well depending on your preference. Although most lean towards glass bongs, acrylic bongs can still benefit you in terms of portability and affordability.

What material is your bong made of? What makes you partial to that kind of material? Please share your thoughts in our comment section!


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