Advantages of Smoking Hookah

May 20, 2019 Hookah

Advantages of Smoking Hookah

Smoking a hookah has transformed from a cultural practice into a well-known trendy phenomenon. Hookah lounges are popping up for friends and colleagues to come together to either brainstorm or share life stories. Here are some advantages of smoking hookah that can help you decide on getting one now here in BigDaddySmoke.

You don’t get teeth stains

Don’t you just hate that tobacco stain that you get from smoking cigars and cigarettes? Some experience fewer stains when smoking a hookah. No, it’s not because water filters shisha compared to regular smoking of tobacco, because filtration in a hookah vase is not that substantial to take out all the tar and staining elements. Also, don’t get us wrong. You can still get teeth stains with a hookah, but not as much as smoking does. It boils down on how the shisha is prepared compared to tobacco.

The Sahara Dom Tsunami Hookah can be upgraded to a 4-hose hookah so that you can share with friends safely and conveniently.

The smell is less offensive

Cigarette smoke is offensive for some. It sticks to your clothes, to your skin, and even on your furniture. Smoking a cigar can make you end up smelling like an ashtray, and the tell-tale scent sticks on your hands. Shishas for hookah have different flavors and scents, making hookah smoke smell sweeter and fruitier compared to tobacco.

It brings friends together

Nothing can bring people together than sharing something. You can smoke a hookah and share the experience with your friends by either passing the hose around or getting multi-hosed hookah for hygienic purposes. No other smoking session is as social as the one you can get with a hookah.

Smoke is less irritating

There are those who wish to smoke but can’t due to the irritating feel of smoke in their throat. Hookah shisha blends can be mild, fruity, sweet, and minty, depending on the blend that you get. The best thing about a hookah is that water helps cool down the smoke and eliminate irritants.

Variety of flavors

It can be hard to get tired of smoking a hookah. There are a plethora of shisha flavors such as:

  • Gummi bear
  • Apple
  • Mint
  • Watermelon

If you get tired with one, you can get another type. You can also mix and match to make your own blend of shisha for a more personal and unique experience.

Smoke tricks

You get massive smoke with a hookah, unlike smoking cigars. You can do tricks with the smoke that can entertain your friends and family. Tricks that you can do are blowing a jellyfish or large and small smoke rings. This makes your smoking sessions fun and enjoyable that you can’t wait for the next one.

Smoking a hookah is a relaxing experience that many should give a try. You get a variety of flavors, and you get to share a moment with your friends and family. Take a look at our collection and see which one is best suited for your smoking needs.

Have you used a hookah? What did you like most about it? Please share your experience in our comment section!


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