Are Dab Pens Safe?

March 06, 2019 Dab Pen

Are Dab Pens Safe?

Dab pens made dabbing concentrates efficient, on-demand, and discreet. Regardless of the improvement on the design and mode of action of dab pens, some are still anxious about its use terms of safety of use and health effects. Let’s talk about the factors that can affect your experience with dab pens to help you gain confidence in using this handy device.

The design

We all heard of stories of someone experiencing their dab pens blowing up during use or while on transport. This kind of incident occurred because some of the old models did not come with safety features.

Today, modern dab pens have lets you choose your dabbing temperature. You can select low temp dabs to enjoy the best flavor of your concentrates, or use a high temperature setting to get the biggest rips with your dab pen. This means no matter how long you press on the button, your dab pen will heat up only up to where you set the temperature.

Some dab pens are also equipped with an auto-shutdown feature. The dab pen will automatically shut itself off if not used for several seconds. This happens also when it is in danger of going beyond the set temperature. The key lock feature also shuts down and locks the dab pen from use. When the device senses unusual key presses (such as when it’s in your bag or luggage), it will turn itself off and lock the power button until you unlock it.

The Firefly 2-in-1 Herb and Dab Pen allows you to control the dabbing temperature through an app for precise and controlled dabbing.

Low grade materials used in cheap dab pens can have a significant affect your overall smoking experience. Low-grade batteries charge poorly causing overheating and explosion. Next, the cheap metal coils re cause a reaction that can produce harmful fumes. Always make sure to study the make and model of your dab pen to know the materials used in manufacturing. We highly recommend that you choose non-reactive coils made of titanium, ceramic, and quartz for safe dabs.

The quality of the concentrate

Using dab pens means you are inhaling vapor instead of smoke. The absence of combusting materials eliminates the presence of toxins. This  is the reason behind the smoothness of dabs in comparison to smoking. One thing stands out when it comes to health issues using dab pens. The problem is in the regulation of growth and manufacture of concentrates. There are no standards on how to grow herbs and how produce extracts. Some do not practice safe production extraction and distillation methods, causing accumulation of harmful chemicals such as butane, neopentane, and hexane to in concentrates. The only way to protect yourself from such harmful chemicals is to learn how manufacturers perform their extraction process.

How the herb is grown can also affect the safety of your dabs. Herbs are exposed to chemical or non-regulated fertilizers that have unknown effects on the herb’s composition. Some who wish to make a quick buck often use pesticides just to sell as many herbs that they can in a batch of plants. Most pesticides still remain and are often extracted along with the essential oil of the herb.

Dab pens are safe to use as long as the quality of materials used is reliable, and concentrates are produced through safe practices. Make sure to research more about your dab pens and concentrates before you start using one. If you have questions about our dab pens, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section or contact us!

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