The Best Bong Accessories for The Perfect Experience

June 30, 2019 Bong Posts

The Best Bong Accessories for The Perfect Experience

Think your bong is already great? Wait until you accessorize it! Here are the best bong accessories that can make smoking your bong enjoyable, fun, and more efficient.

Ash catchers

These pipe attachments that prevent ash and resin from getting inside your bong. To use it, you attach it to stem of your bong where you’ll see the slide. Your bong bowl will sit on top of the ash catcher. Smoke from the bowl will flow first through the ash catcher before it goes into your bong, giving you a cleaner smoke without too much debris. Because of this, ash catchers help you keep your bowl cleaner longer. However, that does not mean you don’t have to clean your bong. Maintenance is still necessary to prevent buildup and contamination. Using ash catchers gives you a longer smoking session with friends without mucking up your bong water too fast.

There are three different types of ash catchers: plain, percolation, and diffusion. Plain ash catchers trap ash but do nothing for your smoke. Percolation ash catchers have, of course, percolators in them. Add water, and you have a filtered and cooled smoke. Diffusion ash catchers have percolators too, but you don’t have to add any water in them. They serve to filter and cool smoke without the dreaded backsplash.

When you buy an ash catcher, make sure that it’s the right size for your bong and it’s made with borosilicate glass for durability. Ash catchers can cost as low as $20 to $290. Affordable brands like Diamond Glass, Grav Labs, and Nucleus produce quality ash catchers within your budget.

Bowl screens

If you don’t want the added weight of ash catchers but would love to screen out ash, use bowl screens. These are pipe screens that help keep both herbs and ash from falling into your bowl. Why do you need a pipe screen when the hole in your bowl is small enough to keep the ash and debris from falling in? The problem with these types of holes is that they tend to clog up with tar or resin after a long session. Also, one wrong pull and you’ll be getting the nasty plant and combusted matter along with your backsplash. Screens also make it easy to dump out used herbs, and you don’t have too much cleanup to worry about.

There are two types of bowl screens: metal and glass.

Metal screens

Metal screens come in stainless steel and brass material. Both materials have good tensile strength and performance. However, brass degrades faster and you need to replace it after a while. Stainless steel lasts longer and has a higher tolerance to thermal shock.

Metal screens have the added benefit of custom fit. If the screen is too big, get heavy duty scissors and cut the edges bit by bit until the screen is snug inside the bowl. There’s no problem with the airflow, although some screens tend to clog up when used for too long. Hard screens are also challenging to press inside the bowl and keep in place. There are pre-formed screens that are bowl-shaped, but you won’t be able to resize them due to the outer rim. Make sure that you’re buying high-quality metal screens from renowned smoke shops. Cheap metal screens give off a metallic taste that can ruin the flavor of your herbs. If you want a safer and pure experience with a metal screen, get one made out of titanium.

Glass and quartz screen

Glass and quartz screens are the most durable screens. They can last longer than metal screens and offer the purest flavor in smoking.

Glass screens are best when they are made out of borosilicate glass. This is the type of glass used in lab equipment and can withstand several episodes of heating and cooling cycles. If you are one of those who use their bongs extensively and repeatedly within the day or week, you should get a glass screen. Quartz screens act pretty much the same. The only difference is that they are able to tolerate higher temperatures. Quartz screens are highly suitable for those who prefer to have extended and continuous sessions with friends with very short breaks in between bowls.

Bowl screens can cost about $2.00-$27.00 depending on the material and quantity. They come in packs of 20s, 30s, 100s, and even 1,000s.

Diffuser downstem

Some straight tube or beaker bongs can accommodate a new diffuser that has a joint. Bongs that come with removable downstems give you more freedom to customize. Why do you need to upgrade? Because some downstems only act as a connection between your bowl and your bong, and don’t give any added value to your smoking experience. By upgrading to a diffuser bong, you get another layer of diffusion that enhances the taste of your smoke.

Diffuser downstems come in different sizes and joint styles. Check the diameter and type of your joint. Only female joints can get a different diffuser downstem because your diffuser has to go inside the base of your bong. Consider the length of your downstem to get the best percolation possible.

There are also various types of diffuser downstems such as a showerhead diffuser, pearl diffuser, and arm diffuser. If you prefer durable and adjustable one, go for a metal diffuser. Whatever you choose for a diffuser downstem, you’ll notice the difference the moment you take a chug.

Glass diffuser downstem costs between $9.99 to $14.99, while metal downstems can cost as much as $39.99 depending on the material.

Bowl upgrades

The bongs that we have come with a standard bowl so that you can use them immediately when you get them. Although efficient, that does not mean you don’t have the option of upgrading your bong to customize your smoking experience.

For example: are you the type who prefers to smoke alone, have low tolerance, or usually just take small hits every now and then? You should get a smaller bowl that can hold a small amount of herb so you don’t have to grind and waste too much green. For a stronger and longer session, you should get a big-sized bowl that can accommodate almost a gram of herbs.

If you constantly burn yourself from accidentally touching a hot bowl with each chug, then a bowl that has a side handle like this Pulsar Rounded Glass Bowl will help. If you don’t want to bother with buying and disposing of screens, get a bowl that has a built-in screen to make smoking easier.

Do you drop your bowl most of the time when you pull it out from the slide? We highly recommend getting the Eyce Titanium Bong Bowl. Grade 2 titanium bowls are strong, durable, and easier to clean. You can boil it repeatedly and use it for extended periods without fear of breaking and cracking.

New bong bowls don’t have to cost a lot. You can get one in our store for $3.99-$19.12, and all of them are of good quality. There are also other artisan bowls that can cost as much as $44.00.


Yes, you read it right. You can instantly turn your bong into a massive dab rig by attaching a nail. Imagine getting a hit with all that percolation and filtration going on. Nails are perfect for hard concentrates that you can handle without making a mess. These attachments can come in various materials such as titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Titanium is famous for its durability and efficiency but can give a hint of metallic flavor to your dabs. Quartz is amazing in terms of heat and flavor, but ceramic wins when it comes to appreciating the true taste of your dabs.

Of course, since you’re dealing with concentrates, you have to use a torch to fire up the nail. Be careful when using it because unlike dab rigs, bong slides are tilted at a 45-degree angle. The nail can get as hot as 800°F, so be mindful of lifting the nail off of the bong when you take a rip.

Nails, depending on the material, can cost $6.99-$49.99 or more. You can get them online at DankStop, Badass Glass, and Smoke Cartel

Bong caps

These caps don’t have a direct effect on your smoking experience with your bong. What it does is it keeps your bong water from spilling out while you travel. It also helps contain the smell of your bong in. A good example of a bong cap is the Res Caps®. Made of silicone these caps are made to fit most bong mouthpieces and joints. Cleaning becomes easy and effortless. No mess, and you can shake your bong to your heart’s content to clean out all the nasty gunk inside.

Bong caps can cost between $5-$12.99, depending on where you’ll get them as well as the brand.


You order a new attachment, maybe an ash catcher or a new bowl, but it does not fit your bong because it’s the wrong size or gender for your bong. Adapters come in handy on these occasions. Instead of going through the process of returning and refunding, an adaptor can help you use that accessory instantly.

Adapters can also come in glass, ceramic, and titanium. They also come in various shapes, length, and combination. You can use the adapter for a variety of ways depending on your need to accessorize.

Adapters will cost depending on the material and use. You can get adapters in Grasscity for $2.79-$68.99, while adapters cost $7.80-$19.99 in Dankstop.

Accessorizing your bong is simple and exciting. It’s like getting a whole new bong in terms of appearance and function. What’s your favorite bong accessory? Please share yours in our comment section!


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