Top 5 Best Desktop Vaporizer of 2020

October 15, 2020 Dry Herb Vaporizers

Top 5 Best Desktop Vaporizer of 2020

There are many vaporizers available in the market today, and many of them have cool features that can make your head spin. Our list of the best desktop vaporizer for 2020  will help you choose which one to get to match your vaping style.

Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel is considered by many as the best desktop vaporizer in the market. Starting with the Analog then the Digital, you would think that they can’t go any higher. However, Storz & Bickel raised the bar again with the Volcano Hybrid.

This desktop vaporizer combines the efficiency of a classic balloon vaporizer, and the convenience of a whip system. What’s more, is that it has both convection and conduction vaporizing system to efficiently. You get a deeper flavor and maximize your precious herbs. You can heat your herbs at 104°F – 446° F, which you can control through the touch screen or with an app.

It does come at a steep price, but the price is well worth it. Storz & Bickel designed the Volcano Hybrid to last for years. Some are still using a perfectly-functioning Volcano for more than a decade.

Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer is another highly respected brand in the industry, utilizing handblown glass components for their vaporizer’s vapor pathway. Using the same concept with the Arizer Extreme Q, they upgraded the desktop vaporizer to accommodate both whip and balloon attachments.

The unit has a temperature range of 122°F to 500°F and takes about three minutes to get ready. It’s got enough fan power to fill up a bag full of delicious vapor in 2.5 minutes. The bag is a good size for sharing with a crowd of friends, but you need to plug the opening since there’s no valve. Should you prefer the whip, the glass elbow can swivel, making it convenient to pass around.

Be careful of the glass vapor path, though. It can get extremely hot, so be cautious when you reload. The displayed temperature is for the heating core as well, and not for the oven. You’re going to have to adjust as the temp may not be what you’re looking for.

Vapir Rise 2.0

When you need just enough herbs for your sesh, you need a vaporizer that has a small-enough capacity for a short sesh. The Vapir Rise 2.0 can vaporize less than a gram of herbs, making it perfect for a solo session. However, the chamber is also big enough for a group session, which you can do through a whip or a bag.

The vaporizer has a stainless steel encased heating chamber and a ceramic heating element that can heat up to 415°F. It gets ready in less than a minute, and you have 10 fan speeds to give you control over the speed of vapor delivery. What’s unique about the Vapir Rise 2.0 is the HEPA filter technology that gives you vapor that’s clean, pure, and full of flavor. It’s easy to use and has good hardware, considering the price category. It’s small and compact, making it ideal for small living spaces and for those who don’t need to consume that many herbs.

kandypens oura best desktop vaporizer 2020 for concentratesKandyPens Oura

The KandyPens Oura got into our list of the Best Desktop Vaporizer in 2020 because of several things. One is that it’s a highly efficient e-rig that vaporizes your concentrates efficiently. Another is the powerful 3000mAh battery that allows you to bring the unit almost anywhere. The ceramic bowl and quartz atomizer give you clean pure flavor, and heats up fast for a quick session.

You have 4 preset temperatures that can rival most electric dab rigs,  going as high as 800°F. It’s so compact that you can use it even with just one hand. Maintenance is so easy that all you need is a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the atomizer. You can also soak the atomizer in case you got too busy to maintain it.

e-nano best desktop vaporizer 2020 solo vapingE-Nano Log Vaporizer

This is the cutest and smallest desktop vaporizer that you’ll probably own. Unlike most vaporizers that have metal or plastic bodies, the E-Nano is a vaporizer proudly handcrafted in the US using sustainable hardwood.

True to its name, the vaporizer is good for vaporizing 0.015g to 0.25g of herbs. Yes, you’ve read right; the E-Nano can efficiently vaporize that small amount of herbs without wasting a single grain. However, despite its affordability and size, you’ll be surprised how hard this thing rips. It can heat up to 560°F, which you can control through an analog dial.

You do need to find the sweet spot with this vaporizer, and it does require a bit of patience. It takes 2-3 mins to heat up, but you’ll get a better experience when you let it heat for 5-10 mins.

Now that you’ve read our best desktop vaporizer 2020 list, which one is the one for you? Share your preference in the comment section!


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