Top 5 Best Glass Bongs of 2020

October 13, 2020 Bong Posts

Top 5 Best Glass Bongs of 2020

Looking for that perfect bong to start with or as another addition to your collection of bongs? We’ve listed here the best glass bongs of 2020 that are known for giving the smoothest enjoyable sessions.

Barrel Matrix Drum Heart Honeycomb Bong by Tsunami Glass

Tsunami is an American brand known for beautiful yet reliable US-made glass bongs. Their bongs are all fabricated using only high-quality borosilicate glass. Their designs range from simple to complex, all of which provide the right level of smoking experience that you’re looking for.

One prime example is their Barrel Matrix Drum Heart Honeycomb Perc Bong. It stands 20” tall, making it a perfect smoking partner for a veteran smoker who’s itching for a challenge. The huge clouds you get pass through the matrix perc that diffuses and filters smoke. It then travels through a vortex tunnel that spins the smoke, aiding in cooling down. With its ice catcher, you can use ice to lower the heat of the smoke for better hits. The bong also has a splash guard that effectively keeps your hits dry, allowing you to pull as hard as you can to get as much smoke that you want.

Heisman Diamond Glass Bong

The Heisman by Diamond Glass is another bong for smokers who want their hits big. Standing at an impressive 16”, the straight bong is made with 4mm thick borosilicate glass. The base has a span of 5 inches, providing jut the perfect stability for this monster bong.

The smoking device is a double perc bong, with a matrix perc at the water chamber and another at a flare just below the ice catcher. The low-bottom percs provides excellent filtration that cleans your smoke efficiently while keeping the waterline just right to prevent splashback. Smokers love the smooth hits and the incredible way it stacks up smoke without restricting the airflow.

Perc Bong by Blaze Glass

German glass is one of the most sought-after material in a bong because of its excellent quality and durability. Blaze Glass is a German glass company that provides the quality that smokers deserve at an affordable price.

This Perc Bong is a simple yet elegant beaker bong that has a 4-arm tree perc. It’s approximately 12” tall and comes with an ash catcher herb slide. This keeps your bong cleaner longer, making it one of the best glass bongs for long, extended sessions. It has a carb hole that gives you the freedom to control the speed of your hits at will. It comes with a carb plug that will help you seal the hole should you prefer to go carb-less.

Session Goods Glass Bong

Session Goods brings style and indulgence to a classic bong. This designer bong feels at home in the most luxurious setting. Beautiful and timeless, this bong is surprisingly functional and very pleasant to use.

What makes this one of the best glass bongs is its simple elegance. You have a bong shaped like the classic lava lamp bong yet has the same stylish appeal as the Puffco Peak Smart Rig. The body is 4mm thick that has a silicone footer that keeps the bong from sliding. The footer also serves as your water level guide, so you’ll get a perfect sesh each time. It’s 10” tall, making it easy to carry around yet has enough capacity for a satisfying rip. Still, it’s a pipe for contenders, so be warned.

Honey Mojito by Grace Glass

Are you looking for something rare, pink, and exclusive? Have a good look at the Honey Mojito by Grace Glass that comes in a limited edition series.

This glass bong comes in a 5mm thick Saxo style tube made of high-quality borosilicate glass. The unique design makes it a great conversational piece that belies the functionality hidden within. Smoke will pass through the drum diffuser first before going up to a honeycomb perc. These stacks up smoke like crazy, giving you one of the cleanest, smoothest hits you’ve ever experienced.  Although seemingly top-heavy, the thick base provides enough stability to keep straight on a flat surface. The bent neck with a flat-finished mouthpiece makes your hits comfortable, allowing you to concentrate more on your rips.

The best glass bongs aren’t only stylish, classy, and beautiful to look at. They are highly durable and can last you for years regardless of the price. These bongs are highly reviewed by users and connoisseurs alike, so be sure to expect only the best session each and every time.


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