The Best Torch for Effortless Dab Rig Use

April 14, 2020 Dab Rigs

The Best Torch for Effortless Dab Rig Use

Dab rigs like this beautiful Glow In the Dark Pineapple Perc Dab Rig will show beautiful functionality when paired with the right torch. Take your pick from our list of the best torch for dab rig so that you can enjoy your dabs better and faster.

blazer big shot best torch for dab rig Blazer Big Shot

Maximum temp: 2,500 °F

Build: The Blazer Shot by Higher Standards is the epitome of Japanese engineering for dab torches. It’s got a durable brass flame nozzle and precise flame control for the most powerful and durable dab torch you’ll ever have.

Features: The Blazer Shot features a Piezoelectric ignition system that doesn’t need any electrical connection. The flared nozzle is wear-resistant, keeping your flame stable even for long periods of use.

Function: The strong adjustable flame allows you to get the best out of your cloud size, flavor, and potency from your dab rig. It’s an excellent butane torch even for mini dab rigs like the MJ Arsenal Infinity Fabegg Perc Mini Dab rig. It’s got a child safety lock

The bad: Low-temp dabbers will have a hard time using this, and the flame can’t go smaller than 2 inches. It also needs high-quality butane for the best flame production.


Maximum temp: 2370°F

Build: The EurKitchen is one of the best torches for dabbing because of its heavy-duty construction. It’s made with TUV CE certified aluminum and ABS plastic, and compatible with any brand of butane.

Features: What sets this apart from other butane torches is that it’s got a butane fuel gauge. You’ll know just how much is left for you to use your awesome and beautiful Pulsar Diffused Downstem Mini Dab Rig.

Function: It’s a highly portable dab torch that you can use in the kitchen to get that perfect creme brulee crust, flambe, camping, and even artwork. Although it’s initially built for cooking, it’s still efficient for dabbing with

The bad: The low temp is not as hot as some torches, making it hard to use for high-temp dabs. Some are also having issues with the torch ignition switch.

Power Probe Micro Torch

Maximum temp: 2,500 °F

Build: The best torch for dab rig use should last long, and that’s what the Power Probe Micro Torch aims for. You’ll hear stories of dabbers using the torch for more than ten years. At 8 oz, and 6.7″ tall, it’s a great torch to have when you’re traveling.

Features: The torch has an electronic ignition for fast startup. It’s got a flame adjustment knob to regulate your flame size to 1/2″ to 2 1/2″. You can refill it quickly, and it’s got 2 hours of flame time in between refills.

Function: It’s got good temperature control, and the metal base keeps it upright and sturdy in between dabs.

The bad: The limited capacity may be a drag for those who are heavy users. You may want to keep this as a backup or a travel companion instead of your go-to torch.

Bernzomatic TS8000

Maximum temp: 3,400 °F

if you’re a heavy dabber looking for a heavy tool to support your dabbing needs, this is the one. Among the other dab torches, The Bernzomatic TS8000 is a massive 18″ torch,

Build: You’ll know instantly that the torch is for long-term use with its cast aluminum body.

Features: The Bernzomatic has an auto start/stop ignition, very helpful for quick use. It’s got an optimized large swirl flame for the best heat output. Want hands free operation? Use the run lock button, and you’ll be heating your dab nails grip free.

Function: The Bernzomatic TS8000 is a hot torch that you can use for large-diameter soldering and sous vide. For a dabber, it’s a good torch if you want to go high temp in an instant. By using the flame control knob, you’ll be able to control your dabbing temperature and heat your banger evenly.

The bad: Not really ideal for travel, and you may need a few clicks to get the torch to light up.

The best torch for dab rig use should have the temperature flexibility to meet your dabbing needs. Whether you’re getting a butane or propane torch, what’s important is that your choice should get the job done. Make sure that it’s safe to use, durable, and can be your companion for both indoor and outdoor use.


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