Best Ways to Enjoy Your Herbs

June 17, 2019 Bong Posts, Bubbler Pipe, Dry Herb Vaporizers

Best Ways to Enjoy Your Herbs

Herbs have wonderful effects on our body. When you smoke them, you get to feel and experience its medicinal, recreational, creative, and even meditative effects. Here are BigDaddySmoke’s best ways to enjoy your herbs

Water pipes

There are two types of water pipes: a bong and a bubbler.


Bongs are one of the traditional ways of enjoying your herbs. They have a chamber that you put in water or ice which will serve as its filtration system. Bongs were introduced in the US by US soldiers assigned to foreign service in the 1960s. Eventually, the design captured the attention of glass blowers, which gave birth to American-made glass bongs.

Geometric Design Glass 14mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Bong 6 inch

Bongs offer big hits and full flavor by cooling the smoke and filtering out combusted material.

A bong comes in 5 parts:

  • Body – the body has three components: mouthpiece, smoke chamber, and the water chamber. The water chamber is where most of the filtration and cooling of the smoke happens.
  • Downstem – located at the side of the bong, this is where your bong connects to the bowl. It helps deliver smoke from the bowl straight to the water chamber or base of the bong.
  • Carb – some bongs have carb holes located opposite the downstem. This is to help regulate airflow to make it easy for you to draw from the mouthpiece.
  • Bowl – this is where you pack your herbs.
  • Percolator – this adds filtration by dispersing smoke and creating bubbles to increase its surface area. Depending on the design of your bong, you can have an inline percolator which is attached to the fixed downstem and extends into the water chamber. Other percolator bongs have percs attached inside the smoke chamber.
  • Ice catcher – some bongs have ice catchers at the neck of the bong, usually a few inches below the mouthpiece or above the percolator.

Using a bong is easy. You fill the base with water until about a third of the way. Pack the bowl and drag through the mouthpiece as you light up your herb. Release the carb hole, or lift the bowl from the downstem to release the vacuum and drive the smoke into your lungs.

Bongs can come in different materials such as ceramic, glass, and acrylic. You can also have straight tube bongs, beaker bongs, or recycler bongs. If you want to travel, there are also mini bongs designed for portability.


If a bong and a dry pipe got married and have kids, the result will be the bubbler. Bubblers have the water filtration of a bong, but with the portability of a dry handheld pipe. What’s good about them is that they can pack as much punch as a bong since the bowl is considerably bigger than a dry pipe. Bubblers also hit smoother than a dry pipe; but because of the size and limited water capacity, they hit a bit harsher compared to a bong. Just like a bong, you can have several designs depending on your preference. Some designs include:

  • Perc Bubblers – these bubblers have percolators in them for added filtering and diffusion.
  • Mini bubblers – small in size, some mini bubblers are as small as 2.5” and can fit in your pocket.
  • Upright bubblers – these bubblers stand straight and upright with a flat, wide base for support.
  • Sherlock bubblers – made according to the favorite pipe of the legendary Sherlock Holmes.
  • Hammer bubbler – ideal for smokers who love to move around and share the love with friends.

Bubblers come in glass and silicone material. Glass is perfect for clean flavor and hits, while silicone is good for mobile or clumsy smokers. Using a bubbler is like using a bong. You first need to fill it with water and pack the bowl.

Dry pipes

Dry pipes have been around for centuries. It survived through the ages because it’s small, compact, and easy to use. Some dry pipes are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can slip them inside your pocket, and pull them out when the situation calls for it.

Small the size may be, it can function almost as good as any other smoking devices. They come as one-hitters, or with bowls that can give you extended hours of smoking enjoyment. To use pipes, you generally:

  1. Pack the bowl with the ground herb.
  2. Place your thumb on the carb cap and pull from the mouthpiece.
  3. Light the herb as you take a puff, releasing and plugging the carb hole until you get the right amount of smoke that you want.
  4.  Exhale and repeat.

Dry pipes are convenient to use and do not require any special attention for smoking.

Unlike bongs or other water pipes, dry pipes don’t have the added benefit of water for cooling and filtration. Pipe makers know that some prefer cool smoke, which is why they created long pipes to help cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth.

Pipe materials come in different materials such as glass, wood, and even silicone. Glass helps you taste the true flavor of your herb because it’s an inert material. However, wood pipes are still popular. They add a deeper flavor, creating a different dimension of taste and experience that you won’t get with glass pipes. Silicone pipes, on the other hand, are perfect for those who travel a lot. They are highly durable and resistant to breakage compared to glass pipes.

Dry pipes come in different forms:

  • Sherlock – it’s linked to the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes because it resembles the pipe that he used in the books. The mouthpiece of the pipe usually extends and curves up from the bowl, with or without a carb on the side.
  • Chillum – probably the simplest pipe in design, it’s usually a straight tube with the end serving as your bowl.
  • Spoon – beginner friendly and has the look of an actual pipe. It looks similar to a spoon in which the bowl the large rounded end of the pipe, with a short smoke path connecting it to the mouthpiece.
  • Glass blunt – a straight tube that either has an auger screw or a slider inside the chamber to control and manipulate your herbs as you smoke
  • Steamroller – they look like chillums but can deliver strong hard hits compared to other pipes. Just like a steam engine, the steam roller is fashioned in a way that the bowl is situated on top of one end.

Dry pipes are convenient for most users because all you have to do is pack them, light them, and go. No ceremonies. They are good for those who wish to have a quick session and fast clean up.


Dry herb vaporizers modernize the way you enjoy your herbs. Instead of burning your botanicals, dry herb vaporizers allow you to enjoy the essence of your herbs by causing the oils to evaporate. It’s a safer way of enjoying your herbs because you don’t have to deal with combusted material and byproducts. Vaporizers have two methods of vaporization:

  • Conduction – the vaporizer “cooks” your herbs through direct contact with the walls of the oven. It works the same way as searing meat directly on a skillet. Only the herbs that come in contact with the heating chamber are vaporized.
  • Convection – herbs are vaporized by hot hair that circulates around the chamber. Most convection type vaporizers begin vaporizing when you pull from the mouthpiece.

There are also two types of dry herb vaporizers: desktop and portable

The Storz and Bickel Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer is a massive yet highly reliable device for precision vaping.

Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are large vaping devices that you place on top of your table. Because of their large mechanism, desktop vaporizers lasts longer and offers more stable and reliable vaporization. Desktop vaporizers come in whip-style or balloon/forced air forms. The whip style has a hose or “whip” that you connect to the vaporizer and serves as the vapor delivery path. Balloon/forced air vaporizers have a fan inside that pushes hot air through the herbs, allowing you to collect vapor inside a bag.

Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are efficient yet come in a small form. They are perfect for those who are always on the go and wish to enjoy their vaporizers in a discreet, leisurely manner. Unlike desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers come with a rechargeable battery. This gives you the freedom to vape without having to rely on a power source. Some even have a pass-through technology that allows you to use your vaporizer even while charging.

The common thing about these vaporizers is that they all have temperature control. This makes you control your session and personalize your experience, depending on your medication and recreational needs.

Which one should you get? If you prefer smoother, cleaner hits, get water pipes that can help filter out combusted material. Go for percolated pipes for a deeper filtration. If you want intense flavors that hit hard and strong and want a practical way of smoking, get a dry pipe as your smoking partner. Now, if you don’t want the smell and wish for a safer and cleaner way of enjoying your botanicals, vaporizers should be your first choice.

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