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Detailed Guide to Bong Adapters for Beginners

Bong Parts
Detailed Guide to Bong Adapters for Beginners
A bong is a device that is commonly used for smoking favorite substances. Its origin dates back to several thousand years back where it was invented in the Middle East and used for smoking tobacco. It is used nowadays as a popular alternative to cigarettes. This water-filtered device requires unique features commonly referred to as bong adapters to enhance its usability and efficiency.

Evaluating Bong Adapters and Understanding the Different Types

Bong adapters come in various varieties and enhance the shape or size of a bong. Whether finding small or large accessories, it is essential to evaluate the desired type, shape and size.


At present, the internet made shopping a lot easier than before. If you require to upgrade your bong, you can find many types of bong adapters in various online stores and have it delivered to your doorstep. The classes range from a selection of glass on glass with multiple measurement sizes and also vary in gender where the attachment can either be male or female. The online stores also sell at very affordable prices, making it more convenient to purchase a suitable accessory for your bong. You can then enjoy your favorite smoking product.

Picture of bong adapters

Here are some examples of bongadapters and their uses.

Glass Bong Downstem

This is a glass piece that is essential for bongs and is fitted into the water pipe joint. The purpose of a downstem is to transport smoke into the water chamber from the bowl piece. It cools and filters the smoke to provide you with cleaner smoke. It is one of the different types of glass bong adapters.

You can purchase a suitable downstem for your bong, but you first need to understand the right size and length to avoid mistaken purchases. See this site.

In setting-up your bong at a 90-degree angle, it is essential to get the measurement of your downstem to know the required Glass angle adapter in which you need best.

Female joint adapter

It is a part of the female joint and varies from bong to bong. To be able to choose the right female bong adapter size, you can check out the various online stores such as Amazon, click here for more.

You can also use a female to female adapter that will turn the male joint of your bong into a female one. It is a suitable option which enables you to use your dab rig to prepare tobacco or other smoking substances, take a look at Dankstop for more details.

Male joint adapter

When used, the male bong should be able to match with the female joint adapter. In this case, get to know the measurements of your bong to get the right male adapters for your bong and with a matching female joint.

Determining the Right Attachments for Your Bong

Bong sizes vary from 14mm to 18mm and 18mm to 18mm sizes. These are for both male and female bong adapters for glass on glass selection. To determine the right bong attachments for sale, you first need tolearn the right size of your smoking device to purchase the most suitable attachments.

Various online stores offer beautiful selections for pipe or bong attachments at a meager cost. You can just browse the internet now and evaluate the different online shopping sites with their offer and pricing.

Picture of male bong adapter

Finding the Ideal Accessories for Your Bongs

Most bongs are made from glass material and are susceptible to breakage and damage. If you are a smoker, you will probably develop a strong bond with your smoking device. However, after a saddening damage of part of your treasured piece, you do not have to throw away the whole bong or dab rig. Purchasing bong accessories helps to keep you prepared in case of any malfunction of your item and to help you not miss out on your favorite substance.

You can find numerous accessories for your bong in various online stores at affordable prices. Some of these accessories include but not limited to:

  • Ash catcher

  • Lighter

  • Bong bowl

  • Downstem

  • Pipe Screens

  • Filters/gauzes

These bong accessories are also used to enhance your smoking experience in newer ways while maintaining the right functionality of your bong.

Finding the Ideal Downstem Spare Partsfor Your Need

Since bong downstems are of utmost importance to any bong, equipping it is paramount along with a ready spare at all times. There's a variety of selections to pick from for different glass downstems.

Some of these selections include:

  • Slitted diffuser downstem

  • Glass pearl downstem

  • Pearl diffuser downstem

  • Glass-diffuser downstem

  • Open-end downstem

  • 4-arm diffuser downstem

  • Shadowhead diffuser downstem

  • Carbon adapter downstem

  • Pure bowl chillum downstem

Go for the downstem that suits your bong since some have cones while other bong downstems do not have cones.

Purchasing a Bong With 90-degree Downstem

A 90-degree bong downstem provides better filtration to your bong's water pipe and this in return enhances your smoking experience. The intricate bend also looks impressive.

The 90-degree reinforced joint also depends on the size of your bong. Some online shopping sites, such as smokecartel.com, offer a wide range of bong downstem with a 90-degree joint and at very affordable prices. The bongs are also very beautiful and differ in shapes and sizes. Smokers thus have various options to choose from.

picture of bong down stem

How to Effectively Turn Your Bong Into an Efficient Dab Rig

Many people believe the misconception of having to buy two separate water tubes to use each for your bong and the other for dabbing. While this is not true, it is still advisable to have the two separate pipes for the different kinds of both materials.

However, even with no dab rig, it is possible to use your available bong to make a great dab rig. You will require specific materials though, to ensure an effective conversion.


  • Adapter – It is an essential component that you will require for your conversion. It can be used to turn your bong into a dab rig and vice versa. In this case, find the right adapter type especially one that converts the female joint into a male joint. You will thus require a male to male adapter

  • Downstem Size – Find your suitable size between the 14mm and 18mm sizes. A joint whose width is almost the size of your smallest finger the size 14mm will be appropriate.

  • Nail – Find a nail that measures up to the size of your adapter. Also, the material of the nail matters since ceramic may be medical grade, however, take too long to heat up and titanium nails are not medical grade yet heat up faster.

  • Get to work – Get a suitable dabber and dish, and then you have all the ingredients to change your bong into a dab rig. Happy dabbing!


Despite bongs being invented some centuries back, they have continued to be used across the years, and nowadays, people are using them to smoke their favorite substances. Also, improvements in shapes and colors are being made to bring out attractive and intricate designs that entice users of bongs. They are mostly found online and purchasing can be done anytime as long as you are of age allowance and your region does not prohibit the use of bongs.


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  • Bought a bong at my NH Dispensary, and like it…. except……the bowl’s “position” is at 45-deg., presenting a safety hazard.

    I would like to install a 45-deg Adapter, so the bowl sits parallel to the floor, helping to inhibit ashes from falling out or being blown out….

    You got a source you recommend ? I’m having a hard time finding an adapter.


    Gary Smetana
  • Hi Gary! Were you able to get your bong adaptor yet? I’m not sure what joint you have, but maybe you could check out Grasscity or Dankgeek.

    Big Daddy Expert

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