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What Are These Diffuser Beads and How Do They Work

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What Are These Diffuser Beads and How Do They Work
Diffuser beads are tiny bong beads that are made out of harmless plastic, which means that they're reusable. They are primarily used to tone down the smoke and remove some of its coarseness when it reaches your lungs.

Do you know what this means? You can say bye-bye to making ice cubes and hello to bong beads, which are more convenient to use!

Why Do We Need Diffuser Beads?

If you like smoking through a bong, you understand that if there are too much smoke and nothing to cool it down, it tends to burn your throat. To avoid this from happening and to lower your risk of lung infection, these small smoking beadscan be added to your bong to slow down the build-up of smoke. As a result, there will be a delay in the smoke reaching your mouth.

How Does It Work?

In simple terms, they “spread out” the water. So when you smoke through your bong, you are going to get a lot of tiny bubbles, instead of a huge one. Hence, it will filter and cool the water better.

Are They Safe?

As mentioned earlier, most of these bong beads are made from high-quality and nonpoisonous plastic. They can even be used in other ways such as crafts and a tool for plants.

Aside from cooling down the smoke of your bong, these beads are also useful in keeping your water pipes spotless. The resin accumulates in the water chamber every time you use the water pipe. But, the smoking beads attract the tar from the smoke and the resin-like small magnets, preventing them from attaching to the glass.

How Do We Use Them?

Simply follow the usual process of setting up your bong. Add water into the base and then put a few jars of your 2k diffuser beads.

Do They Alter the Effects of the Bong?

No, they don't. There is no noticeable difference in your desired smoking product when you use bong beads.

How Do We Clean Them?

Cleaning the beads for your bong is child's play.

  1. Remove the bong beads from the base and return them to their container.

  2. Add alcohol or bong cleaner of your choice.

  3. Shake the jar, but be careful not to overdo it.

  4. Soak them with water.

  5. Wipe them clean.

You can use the beads right away after cleaning them properly.

Are There Different Kinds of Bong Beads?

As a matter of fact, yes. Many types of these beads even come in different colors. Several brands that offer diffuser beads.  Among them are the following:

Waterpipe Water Beads

If you are tight on the budget, these bong beads are the one for you. Once hydrated, a bag of these beads will be able to fill around two quarts. So, if you own a bigger bong, you might want to consider buying a few more bags.

It will take approximately eight hours for these beads to hydrate. The beads are non-toxic and environment-friendly, but they aren’t for long-term use. When they have accumulated enough resin, you need to dispose of and replace them.

Glow in the Dark Diffuser Beads

If you're up for an exciting experience, you need to try these glow in the dark beads. They cost more compared to the typical beads. But, the experience is better. Plus, they are more durable. You can use them longer compared to the cheaper ones.

Many prefer to buy the glow in the dark ones even though they are pricey. Imagine smoking your favorite product with friends. It will be more fun when there are different bright colors.

They usually come in sets. So, if you'll buy these glow in the dark beads, they will likely come with a container. You can also use the jar provided in cleaning the beads.

Picture of bong beads

Water Pipe Expanding Water Beads

These bong beads are a favorite of many. They come in different colors, which means that you can buy more than one shade and mix them in your bong to make it more attractive and more refreshing to look at.

One of the upsides of these beads is that it can stay clean longer than others. Another benefit is that the resin and tar that accumulate from smoking will stick to the beads, instead to your pipe.

However, it's still recommended that you clean your bongs and beads properly. If you are looking for the best cleaning products for your bong and bong beads, check out our online smoke shop at Big Daddy Smoke!


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