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How to Clean a Dirty Bong Bowl in Minutes

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How to Clean a Dirty Bong Bowl in Minutes
Did you ever experience getting a weird taste when you hit your bong? Or, do feel like you’re pulling a bit harder than usual to get the smoke? You check the bong, and it’s clean; so the problem lies on the bowl. Sometimes we care too much for our bong that we occasionally neglect cleaning our bowls. A few enjoyable sessions will and can make your bong bowl dirty. That built-up resin can clog your bowl which will, of course, stop the smoke from getting inside your bong. We’ll teach you how to clean your bong bowl in minutes so that you can enjoy the pure taste and flavor of your herbs.

Needed materials

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The most important material that you need for cleaning a bong bowl is your cleaning solution. You can use a bong cleaning solution or something that you can quickly grab in a pharmacy and grocery store. Here’s what you need to clean your bong bowl.

  • Bong cleaning solution, or

  • 95%-99% Isopropyl alcohol

  • Kosher or table salt

  • Ziploc bag

  • Pipe cleaners/Q-tips

  • Match stick or a straightened paper clip

Resin is a different material altogether, especially when combined with combusted material. Your bong bowl is the most abused part of your bong because this is where you fire up your herbs. Burning material and resin can bond together to create a nasty layer on your bowl.

Unfortunately, resin is not water-soluble. No matter how hard you scrub it even with the strongest detergent, you won’t be able to take it out of your bowl. This is where your bong solution or isopropyl alcohol comes in. They loosen and dissolve resin, making it easier for you to clean out the gunk.

If you’re using iso, salt is a necessary aggregator to help you scrub out buildup from your bowl. Make sure to use salt that has grains small enough to fit inside the hole of your bong bowl.

How to clean a bong bowl using a bong cleaning solution

  1. Place the bowl inside a Ziploc bag.

  2. Add enough solution to submerge the bowl.

  3. Seal the bag and hold the bowl with your hand.

  4. Shake the bag for 5-10 minutes to clean the bowl.

  5. Take out the bowl and use pipe cleaners or Q-tips to clean it thoroughly, paying attention to the downspout.

  6. Rinse the bowl thoroughly under warm running water and let it dry before using.

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How to clean a bong bowl using isopropyl alcohol and salt

  1. Place the bowl inside the Ziploc bag

  2. Add enough iso to submerge the bowl.

  3. Put in a generous amount of salt, but not more than half of the alcohol volume.

  4.  Seal the bag and hold the bowl firmly. For thick residue, let the bowl soak for 30 minutes.

  5. Shake the bag for 5-10 minutes, making sure that the salt reaches all the tiny holes and openings of the bowl.

  6. Take out the bowl and remove any remaining residue using pipe cleaners or Q-tips, especially in the downspout.

  7. Use the match stick or straightened paper clips to gently poke out any resin that’s blocking the bowl. Be careful with this. A broken match stick inside a bong hole is close to impossible to remove. You can also potentially chip the bong bowl with the metal paper clip so take your time poking out the resin.

  8. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water.

The soak method

  1. Place the bowl inside a small glass container.

  2. Pour iso until the whole bowl is completely submerged.

  3. Cover the container and let it stand overnight.

  4. Rinse the bowl under warm running water, using pipe cleaners or Q-tips to remove any stuck-on resin.

Keep your bong bowl clean keeps away nasty bacteria, gives you the pure taste of your herbs and provides a smooth airflow. Cleaning a bong bowl should be done often unless you want to buy bong bowls now and then. Also, let the bong bowl go down to room temperature first before you clean it.

Now, we’ve seen and heard of people boiling their bong bowls. No matter how good your bong bowl is like our Pulsar Rounded Glass 19mm Female Bong Bowl, it’s no match for thermal shock. The heat can loosen up resin, but it will also weaken your bong bowl and shorten its lifespan. It may not crack or shatter now, but it will eventually.


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