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How to Select the Right Bong Downstem for the Best Sip

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How to Select the Right Bong Downstem for the Best Sip
Bong downstem is a critical apparatus to achieve the greatest hits of your life.

Bong downstem function is mainly to carry smoke from the bowl going to the pipe reservoir.

Not only that bong downstem directs the release of your favorite smoke, but it also does the refinement to meet the highest standard of smoke. In other words, through bong downstem, the smoke that you inhale will become smoother, lighter, and cleaner.

There are different bong downstem products available on the market today. You can even buy and do the transaction online. However, you must be very careful in selecting your choice or else, be prepared to face the consequences.

Currently, there are three main types of downstem that you could choose from, the metal, the glass, and the bong diffuser.


Comparing the Metal, Glass, and Diffuser Bong Hits

  • Metal downstem. If you want a single purchase and not worry about anything else, you must buy a metal bong downstem. Aside from its durability, metal downstem also provides smooth hits, and it is available in different sizes. So, if you want to level-up the smoke experience for the longest time, better grab the metal bong downstem now.

On the other hand, there is a downside of using a metal downstem. Due to its fixed and rigid design, it is tough to clean all the areas of this downstem.

picture of Picture of Bong Downstem

  • Glass Downstem. If you are not particular with the smoke concealment, the glass downstem is a right partner for your bong or bubbler. Glass bong downstem allows you to blow unlimited hits and it always has the new-look appearance. You will never have a problem with cleaning this type of downstem because even a simple dish washing paste can do the job of making your glass stem shine like brand new.

Now, regarding its disadvantage, glass downstem is generally not intended for hard bumps. So, if you are using a glass built downstem, you must act very carefully to avoid breakage.

  • Diffuser. Smokers who prefer not to use metal or glass downstems turned their heads to abong diffuser. The diffuser is a bit different because it looks like a test tube. Moreover, the diffuser’s end is covered with many slits or holes that break the bubbles smaller compared to the other downstems. Due to its capacity to produce tiny bubbles, the smoke passing through a diffuser will become smoother and lighter in feel.

The disadvantage of using a diffuser is the possibility of you getting a cough in every sip. Because of the refined thread of smoke that explodes in every diffuser slit, you can barely resist the high, not even your lungs!

You have just read the main types of bong downstems available on the market today. If you want to determine the best choice for you, it all depends on your own set of preference. In the first place, you know very well what is the best smoke for you to inhale.

And if you are planning to buy a bong downstem, another important consideration that you must take into account is the “size” of the downstem. You need to be familiar with the bong downstem sizes if you want to find the perfect partner for your pipe. Depending on your bong or bubbler joint, you may choose from 14 mm downstemto 18 mm downstem.

Regarding measuring the appropriate downstem, there are procedures that you must follow.


Steps in Measuring the Fitting Bong Downstem

  • Proper Measuring Tool. You may use a chopstick, pencil, or any narrow piece to come up with the accurate bong measurement and to determine the right downstem size as well.

  • Right Angle. You need to make sure that about 1/4” of the measuring stick is in depth and then mark the portion of the stick lying on the top glass fitting.

  • Finish With a Ruler. Remove the measuring stick that you used and then measure the marked distance with a standard ruler.

  • Determine the Diameter. 14 mm to 18 mm downstems are considered as the current market standard width for bong downstem. You have to measure the width of the glass fitting to determine the perfect downstem diameter.

  • Select Your Style. You need to choose from the three downstem styles, which include the Standard, Lo- Pro Conversion, and The Reverse. These three types all fit on an 18 mm fitting.

To sum it up, to ensure the appropriate downstem for your bong or bubbler, you must do the following: take measurements, select between 14 mm and 18 mm, and pick your style.

Now, if you have read up to this point, you are more than ready to select the bong downstem of your life. Just follow the tips, and there’s no room for any error, at all!

Even if you are a pro or just a newbie in hit smoking, these guides will surely help you. While you can deviate a bit with the laid preferences, the bottom line is that you know how to get and derive the best hit.

Picture of metal Bong Downstem

So, stop the reading now and order the perfect bong downstem to quench your unstoppable craving.

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