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List of Bong Parts, Accessories and Their Names

Bong Parts
List of Bong Parts, Accessories and Their Names
There are only a few bong parts that need to be labeled and defined, but that does not mean that bong owners should not be aware of their various functions. Even a regular smoker has to know the parts of a bong before figuring out how to use it. Not only is it essential to be familiar with the bong components, it is also important that one know the various types of bongs and bong accessories too. It is time to be aware of these various terms and functions.


Bong Or Water Pipe?

A bong is a popular device used to smoke a variety of herbal substances. Its fame continues to rise in street slang as it invades the public consciousness. Bongs can also be associated with names such as "binger," "billy," or "bing." However, the most precise word that suits it as counterpart is the word, water pipe (or water bongs to others). Then again, since some smokers have already incorporated it into their lifestyles, bong names have even been invented and even used as "secret codes" on the streets.

Historically, the word bong rooted from a Thai word known as “baung”. It is descriptively linked to a round-shaped tube made out of bamboo. This classic name gave birth to the contemporary cylindrical pipe known as “bong”. Although there are still bongs made out of wood, a huge number of bong components are now made out of glass or plastic. Based on some historical discoveries, bongs were already used in countries located in Africa and Asia and were called water pipes before they were even referred to by their name today - bong.

Nowadays, most of the new entrants to the smoking culture who use bongs are familiar with the bong accessories, but do not bat an eye on the parts of a bong. They might try to figure out how bongs work by themselves but it might be much better to become familiar with the parts. That doesn't mean learning to scrutinize bong accessories will not help in the future either.

Picture of bong(bong parts)


Bong Parts Labeled and Revealed

The parts of a bong are easy to remember. Bong parts names can be dissected in several pieces:


  1. Base – without the base, the bong cannot hold itself. It is the bottom part of a bong. It consists of a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the style of the bong.

One type of base is known as the “Creative”. It has a round base and is considered as revolutionary. It is less popular than the other types, but there are still smokers who prefer this base. Another base is the “Beaker” type. In contrast with the Creative base, the Beaker bong bases are the mainstream structure. The Beaker has a large, triangular-shaped base that connects to the narrow stem of the bong. Thanks to its shape, the smoke it creates is less thick and is typically more voluminous. For a simpler, more classic base, the “Straight Tube” is also available. From its name, it has a straight form from its stem down to its base. This is in contrast to the beaker type which has a wide base. Since the Straight Tube has a slim base, it can only hold small volume, producing smoke that is denser.


  1. Bowl - the bong bowl is the part where the substance to be smoke is placed. The bong bowl is measured by diameter and comes in different sizes, mainly 10mm, 14mm and 19mm. These three common digits can also be referred to as small, medium and large sizes. Other times, there are bong bowl sellers onlineas well as in stores who can customize the size of the bowl. Most of the time, the bong bowl and stem can have the same function. To free the smoke from the bong, the bong bowl and stem must be removed—most of the time these two itemsare detachable from one another—to allow the smoke to be released. Often, the metal bong bowl is also used for its heat-resistant qualities in order for the substance to burn.


  1. Carb – its name is spelled carburetor. It is a small hole which helps the bong user release smoke from the tube. In countries such as Australia, this is more commonly referred to as a “shotgun hole.”


  1. Downstem – another name which is used interchangeably for this is Diffuser. It is the small tube that connects the bong bowl to the water base. The bong downstem plays a transfusion role in the process. The smoke that runs from the bowl is percolated through the water by the help of the bong diffuser. If the bong diffuser is removed, the process of percolation will be interrupted.

There are two common bong downstems that are frequently used: The Diffused Downstem and the Direct-Inject. The Diffused Downstem is a revamped model of the traditional diffuser. It comprises smaller holes on its end, unlike the conventional type that only has one. Due to this design, it alleviates the transition of the smoke, making it smoother, cooler, and denser. Another contemporary bong diffuser is the Direct-Inject type. Oddly enough, it does not consist of any tube that dips into the water. Instead, it is attached directly to the chamber to percolate.


  1. Tube – it is where smoke is housed once vaporization takes place. The smoke crawls into this part of the bong after it has percolated from the water. The top portion of the tube is known as the mouthpiece. Depending on the model, the bong mouthpieces differ, but there are often three choices of designs to choose from.

These three choices include the “Classic” which can be described as a straight, cylindrical tube. It boasts its origin from historical cylindrical tubes used in past decades. But innovation has helped it by refreshing its design. The “Angled” tube has its mouthpiece inclined and bowed. It is actually a refurbished look based on the classic type. If these styles are not enough, customization is always an option for very creative artistic expression.


  1. Percolator – this is a bong part or bong attachment, depending on the model, that is considered to be one of the show stars. The bong percolator, or simply “perc”, heightens the filtration method. It is the compact device found inside the chamber of the bong. It works on the process of diffusion, which scatters the range of smoke by transforming it into tiny bubbles. The water cools and smoothens the bubbles for a more gratifying hit of the substance. The tiny holes found in the percolators will elevate the drag of the smoke, but too many of these holes can increase filtration and decrease the drag.


Picture of bong percolator

Be Aware of the Bong Parts

Getting to know these labeled bong parts will give the bong owner a head-start on the functions of each portion. It will be helpful to stay informed about the different bong parts when considering bongs online or in a physical store. There are also tons of bong attachments to choose from! Although experimenting on different bong accessories is not the worst idea, understanding what to buy can help the buyer save time in order to get the right products for the prices.

The labeled bong parts serve as an information sheet and a guide for those who already own a bong and for those who are interested in trying it. The right product still depends on the owner’s preferences, including the many replacement parts, attachments or accessories to use.


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