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The Bong Carb – What It Is Used for and How to Use It

Bong Parts
The Bong Carb – What It Is Used for and How to Use It
Before we tackle on what a bong carb is and why we need it, let's talk about first the benefits of using a bong. Many people are asking, “What does a carb do?” without even understanding first what a bong is and how it is used.

Parts of the Bong

The Tube

The tube is the primary part of the bong. It is the cylindrical case which gets filled with smoke after it gets filtered and cooled down by water each time you hit.

The Bowl

It is where you put and light your desired product for smoking. In many bongs, it can be removed, enabling it to act as a slide.

The Carburetor

Commonly known as the carb, it's the hole found in your bong. We'll discuss this further.

The Downstem

It functions as a smoke transport from your bowl all throughout the base of your bong.

The Base

It's the bottom part of the bong. Many bongs have beaker shapes over the tube to make the chamber for the water. This will cool down the smoke when it traverses the water.


Picture of Parts of the Bong

What Are the Benefits of a Bong?

If you're new to this, you might have already heard that a water pipe or as many would like to call it a bong, is a favorite of smokers.

But, why?

Filtered Smoke

This is the primary reason why people prefer to use a bong. The smoke they inhale from the pipe is filtered. So, the smoke that reaches their mouth and lungs are not too strong. They can enjoy every hit they take from their smoking session.

Not only that. The smoke is cooled down by the water in the bong. Imagine smoking directly from a joint; the smoke is too aggressive. It can irritate your oral cavity and lungs, making you vulnerable to respiratory problems and even infection.

Easy as ABC

Using a bong is simple.  If all of this is still new to you, you'd assume that using a bong is complicated. But, it's not. It's easy, and when you get used to it, you can do it with your eyes shut!

Here's an excellent guide for you on how to properly use a bong.

It's Safer for You

Because it cools down and filters the smoke, the bong is safer for you. You're guaranteed that you won't suffer from any burns or any throat and lung problems such as a cough and infection.

Better Experience

Bongs come in many sizes and shapes. They also have these bong beads that come in different colors. These make your smoking experience enjoyable. Rest assured you will enjoy your desired smoking product better when you're using a bong.

Easy to Clean

Bongs are designed in a way where it's easier to clean. This is because if you can't clean it correctly, it will ruin your entire smoking experience. Not only that, you might develop severe lung infections from the stale product in your bong if you don't clean it properly.

Here's an excellent guide for you in cleaning your bong the right way.


picture of bong carb

What's a Bong Carb?

A bong carb is a tiny hole found in glass bongs and glass pipes. It's essential for clearing out the smoke in the chamber.

How to Smoke With a Bong Carb

When you light your preferred product, the smoke then fills the bong's chamber. The chamber is the open space found inside your glass. The carb is the hole that lets the air abound and then clear it in your chamber. Through this process, it enables you to have all the smoke from the pipe and then to your lungs. It depends on how you want to use it. Some people prefer to clear it several times during a hit, while others prefer to wait and use it only after the end of every hit.

This is what's going to happen when your pipe has a bong carb:

  • You place one finger, usually the thumb, on the carb or hole. This is to block the tube so that the smoke will go into your pipe.

  • Then, when the smoke fills your pipe, you remove your thumb from the carb to let the air rush in. While you go with your smoking, the smoke advances to your lungs.

  • If your bong doesn't have a carb, it would be impossible to clear it entirely, which will put some of the smoke to waste.

  • Moreover, if there's no carb, it's possible that you'll inhale stale smoke on your next hit.

Points to Remember:

  • If it's your first time, it's better if you do it with someone who has ample experience.

  • Don't expect that your desired smoking product will be effective the first time you use it with a bong. In some cases, people still need to wait for their body to adjust to the effects of the product. However, some believe that it depends on how you inhale your product.

  • People have their preference for smoking through a bong. If a specific product doesn't work out well for you, then so be it. You don't have to force yourself because you don't have to prove anything. Some people are afraid that others will call them losers because they didn't like it. There's no need to feel that way.

  • It's not harmful. You will read a lot of posts that smoking through a bong with your preferred product will cause you health complications. It doesn't. You make sure that you keep everything in moderation.

Bong Carb Vs Slide

A slide is a metal or glass piece that you lift to clean the tube part of your bong.

If you're going to ask bong users who have both tried a slide and a carb, many will answer you that they prefer using the bong carb.


The carb is simpler to use compared to the slide. Just block the opening with your thumb and release it when you want to. While with the slide, many find it difficult to get the slide again into the hole of the bong.


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