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What Makes A Good Bong Bowl

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What Makes A Good Bong Bowl
Bong bowls do more than just hold your herbs. They can affect your overall experience as well as how you use your bong. Here’s what you need to know about what makes a good bong bowl to help you choose the right one for your smoking needs.

Seal on joint

Getting as much smoke as you can from your bong is equal to a good hit. If smoke escapes from the joint, you’re not getting the hit that you should get with each drag. A good bowl should create a good seal from the join so that smoke won’t come out. You get this seal typically from a glass-on-glass bowl. The snug fit creates a friction seal that prevents the smoke from coming out.

Sturdy, dense material

The bowl should be thick and strong enough to withstand the heat that comes from your torch as well as the burning weed. There are cheap bong bowls that are affordable, but some of them can crack after several uses. That’s because they are made out of substandard material. You should get one that’s made from high-quality borosilicate glass. This material can withstand high temperatures which is why it’s the favorite of glass manufacturers.

Pulsar thick glass diffused beaker bong with glass-on-glass bowl

Easy to take out

Glass-on-glass bowls may create a good seal on the joint. However, this friction or contact seal can make it hard for you to take it out. Consider a bowl that can be easy to remove if you’re having issues with flying herbs whenever you take out your bowl.

Pull handle

Pull handles can help you take out your bowl easily from your bong as you take a hit. Aside from that, your bowl can get really hot. This high heat can happen especially if you’re using a torch, or if you’re taking packing a full bowl. If ever they do get hot, they’re not as heated up as your bowl would be. Handles are useful to prevent finger burns, something that is good for clumsy individuals. They can also stop your bowl from rolling all over the table.


Bong bowls come in different sizes depending on the size of your bowl as well as your joint. The best size, naturally, is the one that will fit your bong. Some bong bowls have single holes in them; others have multiple perforations or openings. The amount of holes in a bowl affects the air circulation, thereby influencing smoke diffusion. A good bong bowl should allow your herb quite nicely. If you’ve packed your herbs in your bowl properly but find that cherry keeps dying out on you, your bowl has a problem with air circulation.

A good bong bowl is the start of your good smoking relationship with your bong. The good thing about bongs is that you can change the bowls depending on the style and function that you want out of it. We have different kinds of bongs that you can customize with a bowl of your choice. Should you have questions about the bowls in our bongs, feel free to contact us at

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