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Which Brand Makes the Best Bong Bowl

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Which Brand Makes the Best Bong Bowl
Are you looking for the best bong bowl to match your smoking needs? Look for those made by GRAV, Sesh Supply, Pulsar, Empire Glassworks, as well as Cheech & Chong. These brands created bong bowls using the best materials and are just the right size for your sesh. Small hits, or big rips, these bowls can give life to any bong that you use. Let’s talk about these brands one by one.

Sesh Supply

Sesh Supply herb bowls are simple, elegant, and functional. Although you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to colors and designs, these herb bowls are made using premium borosilicate glass. You can also get a female bowl to convert your dab rig into a mean, efficient bong.

Although these herb slides don’t have arms or maria rings to make smoking convenient, the minimalist design packs a lot of function. The can hold a decent amount of herbs and are easy to clean. If you want something simple, useful, and inexpensive, this is the herb bowl for your bong.

Grav Labs Clear Boro Glass 14mm Male Bong BowlGRAV

GRAV is one of the famous brands that create functional and durable glass pieces. Aside from their water pipes and handheld pipes, they also make lovely smoking accessories, including glass bowls. Most of their best bong bowls have a built-in glass screen to keep plant matter in and lower ash and tar debris that gets in your bong.

The bowls are deep, easy to load, and can hold in a significant amount of herbs. Some may find that the built-in screens tend to clog easily, but cleaning the bowl is a breeze. Affordable and functional, GRAV bong bowls are great accessories to add to your bong.

Pulsar Worked Glass 19mm Male Wig Wag Bong BowlPulsar herb slides

These slides are fun to use and durable. You can get several made from durable, borosilicate glass that can keep up with your smoking demands. Aside from these scientific bowls, you can also get fancy, colorful, and stimulating herb slides with different designs. Swirls and strips of color make the bowl pleasant and enjoyable to use.

To make things convenient, Pulsar bong bowls incorporate arms and maria rings. No need to worry about getting burned touching a hot bowl when you lift the slide from the joint. Depending on the size, you can get a bong bowl that his good for a quick session, or one that has a deep capacity for long, shared sessions.

Empire Glassworks

If you want to add a jewel to your bong, Empire Glassworks has the best bong bowls that can make your scientific glass shine with life and color. You can get funny cactus in deep, spiky green that has a long arm that serves as a handle and a roll stopper. Other designs include a beehive with dripping honey, a celestial herb slide with sparkling crystal accents, and a double-scoop ice cream cone herb slide.

These herb slides are heady glass pieces skillfully and artfully designed by expert glassblowers. When you use these bowls, you add culture, style, and personality to your smoking session.

Cheech & Chong

Add more crazy fun with your Cheech & Chong bong with your very own Cheech & Chong herb slides. These bowls come in funnel or martini glass shapes to keep the herbs in as you party with your bong. You can get one that has a handle to make smoking easy, or go traditional without the arm.

The bowls are made with sturdy borosilicate glass and come with ground glass joints for an air-tight, well-sealed connection with your bong. Although created to match with Cheech and Chong bongs and dab rigs, these slides can also fit other bong brands. Simple and straightforward, these herb slides are a must-have for avid smokers, collectors, and most especially, Cheech & Chong fans. Nothing beats adding nostalgia as you smoke with your iconic comedic duo.

These are the brands that can give you the best bong bowls that will match your smoking needs and personal style. You can get your choice of simple, scientific bowls, or flashy and fun worked glass herb slides that can boogie with you and your friends. They are known for their durability, and they are also affordable.

If you’re looking for the best bong bowls, click here now and check our collection. We have herb slides from Pulsar, GRAV, as well as other bong bowls of different styles.

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