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A 3 -Foot Bong - Size Matters

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A 3 -Foot Bong - Size Matters

Bongs come in different shapes and sizes, but the 3-foot bong is unique. It is at the upper end of the bong hierarchy. Only a 4-foot or even the mythical six-foot bong can beat it when it comes to sheer length and that “wow” factor. Now, you may want a 3-foot bong, but do you need it?

If you don’t have one of these beauties in your bong arsenal, here are a few things to consider when deciding on buying your first 3-foot bong.

The Cool Stuff

Literally, you get much cooler hits. That 3-foot tube will guarantee that you don’t inhale hot -air down your and your buddy's throats. No matter what kind of bong it might be, you will always get a much cooler and smoother hit every time.

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Now, let’s consider the cool factor. How many folks out there have a three-foot bong? Not many. Novelty, as well as exclusivity, are what you get with buying a three-foot bong. Not only will you be impressed by it, but your friends will most likely be, too.

You won’t have trouble looking for your bong when you need it. As comical as this may sound, think about how many times you have to look for something when you need it the most. Those keys, your phone, and other stuff come to mind. Even the stuff you use in your kit gets inconveniently lost. Now, how can you misplace a three-foot-long bong? You won’t.

The Not so Cool Stuff

Glass bongs are expensive, much more so with a three-foot bong. The same goes for three-foot acrylic, ceramic, or even wooden bongs. Yes, you do have exclusivity when you own one, but there is a hefty price tag that goes with it.

The 3-second window of freshness also comes into mind. That smoke will have to travel through three feet of plumbing before it reaches you. No one wants a stale hit, so you and your buddies need a strong pair of lungs for this one. Fast and deep hits are the order of the day when using a 3-foot bong.

Then, there is the weight. Make no mistake about it; a three-foot bong is hefty. A stable base is needed to use it properly, as well as a robust set of biceps. It won’t be like lifting weights in a gym but picking up a massive tube of glass three feet long is no joke. Also, passing it around to your pals involves the risk of dropping (and breaking) it.

Should you get yourself a 3-foot bong?

Well, why not? Think about it this way. A practical Prius is functional and can get you around town just fine. On the other hand, an exotic Alfa Romeo will make every drive an event to celebrate life. It's the same thing with a bong. Sure, your everyday handy bong is, well, handy. But a 3-foot bong is something else. Something for special occasions with your buddies. Life’s too short for you not to get that long 3-foot bong.

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