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A Comprehensive Guide to Bong Shapes

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A Comprehensive Guide to Bong Shapes
There are so many options for an avid smoker, but the bong will remain as the favorite of smokers around. Previously we’ve talked about the optimum height for bongs. Now we’ll be talking about bong shapes. Once you’re done reading our blog, you’ll be able to choose the right shape that will suit your smoking style and needs.

Straight Tube 14mm Female Diffused Downstem Bong with Ice Catcher 10 inchStraight tube bong

This is by far the simplest bong shape that you can find – and also the simplest to use. It’s an ageless bong style that still remains popular to this day. The straight tube has a hollow cylinder with a joint or downstem attached at the side.  Depending on the design, you can either have a 45° joint or a 90° one.

It’s an ideal bong for beginners because it doesn’t need much water to become fully functional. Once you submerge the downstem with enough water, it’s good to go. When you’re done, cleanup is also a breeze.

When you get a straight tube bong, you need to look at the base. As much as possible you want one that has a base at least twice as wide as the tube to help balance the bong. The base should also be thick and a bit heavy to keep it in place. These are crucial points to consider when you’re eying a tall one like this Dark Vapor Straight Tube Bong.

Grav Labs Glass 14mm Female Beaker Bong 12 inchBeaker bong

This is often referred to as a scientific bong because of two things. One is that it’s shaped like glass beaker that you often use in chemistry class. Another is it’s usually made with borosilicate glass that’s often used for lab equipment because of its durability and high temperature tolerance.

The beaker is easily notable because of the wide, flaring bottom. This gives it better stability over almost any surface because of the wide surface area. There’s more room for water that results in better cooling and filtration. You also have more room for thicker smoke for a stronger effect.

Grav Labs Round Beaker Bong 8 inch

Round-base bong

When you see a bong that has a base that’s spherical or globular in shape. The bong rests on either a flat bottom or a flat base for stability. It’s not as grounded as a beaker bong, though, but it’s got better balance compared to a straight tube.



Double Warp Glowfly Glass 14mm Downstem Perc Bong 10 inchZig-Zag bong

Also called the zong bong, the zig-zag bong has a unique shape that is easily identifiable. You can get a zig-zag bong with one curve, like this Warp Neck Glowfly Glass Bong. Others have two or more curves like our Zong Style Glowfly Glass Bong. The zig-zag bong can combo with any bong shape, although it’s more common with a round-shaped bottom.

It’s a great conversational piece and suitable for those who are looking for something unconventional. The shape also serves a special purpose. Splashbacks will be the least of your problems because the curves keep the water from shooting straight up. If you’re a heavy puller, this is the one to get.

Fabegg bong

Faberge Eggs are iconic symbols of style, luxury, and exclusivity. The same can be said with fabegg bongs that concentrate more on aesthetics than functionality. However, despite its elegant and intricate design, it boasts of a different type of function compared to other bong shapes.

Think of the Fabegg bong as a 3D version of the Swiss perc. The holes and chambers help provide a different level of diffusion compared to other bong shapes. When other bongs need percs for better diffusion, the fabegg bong can almost do without.

Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Inline Perc Recycler Bong 8.25 inchRecycler bong

Now if you want to take your bong to the next level, this is the one. It’s like a bong undergoing a scientific experiment. You have tubes and funnels connected together that provides an infinite loop for deep cooling and filtration. The longer the smoke cycles, the cooler and cleaner it gets. No worries about stale hits because smoke is constantly underwater.


grav helix beaker bongHelix bong

If the Fabegg bong utilizes chambers and water for filtration, the Helix uses air for filtration and cooling. The Venturi chamber spins smoke through the help of micro air vents. The result is a tornado effect that makes smoke light as air for easy smoking. If you dislike bongs because of water filtration but can’t take the heat of dry pipes, you should get this bong.

Now that you know which bong shape to choose, it’s time to get your own! Click here now and browse through our collection!

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