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Arizer Air Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

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Arizer Air Dry Herb Vaporizer Review
Welcome back to Big Daddy Smoke’s Review Friday! Our product in the spotlight is one of the vaporizers from Arizer, which is the Arizer Air.


Dimension: 4.8” x 1.14” / 12.2 cm x 2.9 cm
Weight: 100g
Capacity: 0.2g
Battery: removable Li-Ion
Charging time: 2 ½ hours, with pass-through charging after 20 minutes
Temperature Settings: Five, cycling through 338°F–410°F
Heat up time: 1-2 minutes
App control: None
Use: Dry herbs
Oven type: Ceramic with hybrid conduction and convection
Material: Aluminum outer body
Vapor path: Partial glass
Mouthpiece: Glass stem, or plastic lip
Draw Resistance: the long glass stem has a significant draw resistance, while the plastic-tipped stem is okay.
Warranty: 2 years
BigDaddySmoke Price: $122.55


  • Portable and compact in size

  • Good quality build that you can feel

  • Batteries are replaceable

  • Comes with several accessories

  • An interval-based temperature control system

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Efficient in vaporizing


  • Short battery life

  • Temperature range is limited.

  • The glass stem can stick out from your pocket and can break if not taken care of properly.

  • The extra battery does not come with the kit.

The unit

The Arizer Air is dry herb vaporizer which is a smaller, more compact version of the Arizer Solo. Out of the box, you will get:

  • 1 x Arizer Air battery

  • 1 x Wall charger

  • 1 x 70m tipped glass aroma tube

  • 1 x 70mm glass aroma tube

  • 1 x Glass aroma dish

  • 1 x Belt clip carry case

  • 1 x Clear protective silicone skin

  • 1 x 70mm PV travel tubes with cap

  • 1 x PV travel tubes with cap for aroma dish

When you get the Arizer Air, you’ll notice that it has a simple, rugged style to it that makes you think of serious vaping sessions ahead. It stands 4 inches tall which is as high as a soda can, but slim enough that you can wrap your hand around it. It’s slightly heavier than a deck of cards, so you won’t have any problems with carrying it around for too long.

The Arizer air has a good solid feel to it, and you’ll instantly notice the quality of materials used for making the dry herb vaporizer. It’s made of thick aluminum material that is sturdy and lightweight. You won’t have too many problems worrying about getting the device ruined due to a small accident.

As a handy dry herb vaporizer, the Airzer Air is small and compact that it can fit in inside your pocket. However, it loses in portability points once you connect the glass attachments. Depending on the accessory used, your Arizer Air can get as long as 10 inches. You should have deep pockets or carry the glass attachments in a separate travel case. Keep in mind that these glass attachments are fragile, so you have to be careful when you move around. Remember to take the Arizer Air out of your pocket before sitting down.

How to use the Arizer Air

Once you get your unit you have to “burn-off” the Arizer to eliminate any manufacturing oils. Press the power button 5 times to turn it on and press the up button to choose the highest temperature setting. It’s going to run for 10 minutes before shutting off. Repeat the process 2-3 times. Once you’re ready, grind your herb to a medium or medium-fine grind. Pack the stem and tamp the herb firmly but not too tight, then insert it inside the chamber either sideways, or with the unit upside down. Choose your temperature settings by pressing the up button, and wait for 1-2 minutes. Once the unit lights a steady blue, you’re ready to vaporize.

Battery life

The 18650 replaceable li-ion rechargeable battery has a charging time of 3-4 hours. If you can’t wait that long, the Arizer Air has a pass-through charging technology that allows you to use the dry herb vaporizer while charging. However, you can’t use it your if battery is fully drained. Wait for 20 minutes, and you’ll be able to vape while your Arizer is plugged in.

A fully charged battery will give you 60 minutes of continuous use. That’s about 5-6 sessions that last for 10-12 minutes each. Normally the unit flashes blue when it’s on. The light changes to red when it’s time for you to charge.

Oven capacity

The stem has a bowl at the bottom which holds your herbs inside the oven of your Arizer Air. Each stem has a 0.20–0.25g capacity. Depending on your temperature settings and how deeply you draw, you can get about 10-15 hits in a single load. You have the option to use a lesser amount of herbs if you want. Just tamp on the herb firmly, but not too tight that you block the airflow.

Vaping Technology

The Arizer Air has a hybrid vaping technology that vaporizes your herb through conduction (direct heat) and convection (hot air). It’s a straightforward vaping device and pretty basic. You don’t use apps to control the vaporizer. All you have to do is load the vaporizer and set the temperature. The unit beeps when you turn it on or off, but you can disable it if you want a silent session.


Of course, with such a small unit and battery capacity, the Arizer Air has a limited range of temperature. Using the buttons, you can cycle through 338°F-410°F using 5 easy temperature presets

  • 356°F (Blue)

  • 374°F (White)

  • 392°F (Green)

  • 401°F (Orange)

  • 410°F (Red)

Once you get it to temperature, the unit will light up a steady blue. If this blinks, it means you’re off-temperature, and your unit needs to heat up. It holds temperature really well up to Green even if you’re passing it around with friends. You need to give more space between puffs when you’re at Orange or Red. The higher the temperature, the more effort your vaporizer puts out to keep up. However, if you notice that it’s taking a longer time than usual for the Arizer Air to heat up, it means it’s almost empty.

Ease of use

There’s no need to press a button when you use the Airzer Air. Cycling between temperature settings is easy. You may need to train yourself to take slow yet steady sips instead of one heavy draw to maintain the temperature. There’s no draw resistance if you use the small stem, but some find an issue with the long one. All you have to do is lift it off just a tiny bit from the oven and you have a good enough airflow for comfortable vaping.

Vaping experience

The Arizer Air gives you one of the tastiest and satisfyingly potent vapes you’ll get. The plastic lip does not affect the vapor flavor at all. The hybrid oven really does an excellent job in extracting all the good stuff form your herbs. For light-weight and moderate users, about 2-3 good draws hit just about right. The vapor is not face-melting strong as some would like to expect, but it is enough to get you medicated. If you’re after thick clouds and bold hits on a portable vaporizer, you should get either a Crafty or a Mighty.

You get a light wisp of vapor on the first drag as the dry herb vaporizer slowly warms up. On the next succeeding vapes, the clouds become satisfying and full of flavor. As you draw more and more from the vaporizer, the flavor does go down until you can barely taste your herb. Which is something you would expect since you’ve vaped out the essential oil from the herb. You could either pack another load or call it a day.

You may find yourself among the few who find the Arizer Air vapor a bit harsh, especially on high temperatures. Using a GonG adapter can solve that, which is something that connects your Arizer Air to your bong for smooth and easy vaping. Your vapor is cooler and has more moisture, but you will still get the same potency as well as flavor.


The Arizer Air is low-maintenance, with only the stem getting the dirtiest in each session. You can soak the stems in isopropyl alcohol and salt, give it a good shake and rinse them real good. Once you got all the alcohol off from the stem, let it dry completely and you’re good for the next session.

As for the heating chamber, you can use Q-Tips soaked in alcohol to wipe out any residue. Keep the unit laying sideways to prevent the alcohol from dripping inside. Once done, a burn-off cycle or two will be enough to take out any remaining iso from the cleaning.


The Arizer Air is one of the discreet pen-style vaporizers. It looks very much like a regular e-cigarette that you can use it in some places where vaping is considered a norm. The vapor produced does not smell too much, but people within a 1-meter radius can detect the vapor coming from both you and the Arizer Air.


If you want added protection, you can wrap it around the clear silicone skin that comes with it. It definitely provides extra insulation when you accidentally knock over or drop the device. The silicone also has a sort of rough, clingy texture to it that provides an extra grip that is comfortable and natural. It does add bulk to the unit, but its function makes up for the extra size.

You also get a convenient carry strap that you can loop a belt through which gives you the freedom to bring it with you. If you love going on hikes, trecks, and biking, the carry strap will keep the Arizer Air close and snug.

Now you may be wondering what in the living blazes is the potpourri or aromatherapy dish for in the Arizer Air. It’s actually a handy device that you can use for aromatherapy. You can use a potpourri mix for relaxing, rejuvenation, or something that will make your room smell nice – or hide the fact that you’ve been vaping herbs seriously in your room. Because it’s a small vaporizer, the aromatherapy attachment can only be used in a small room. Just don’t vape using it because it’s not going to vaporize your herbs in any way possible.


If you tried the Arizer Solo and wish that it will give you more in terms of size, portability, and function, then you should get the Arizer Air. It’s compact, easy to use, and gives you thick clouds for a highly satisfying session. The flavor is excellent, and it gives you the medication that you need when you need it. Its long battery life can give you several sessions in one charge, and the easy use makes it one of the best dry herb vaporizers for beginners.

We hope you enjoyed our Arizer Air review and learned a lot about this simple yet highly effective vaporizer. Click here now and get your Arizer Air now and be among the proud owners of this amazing vaporizer.

Do you have any questions about Arizer Air? Feel free to ask your questions in our comment section below!


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