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Benefits of Getting Unique Bongs Online

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Benefits of Getting Unique Bongs Online
If you’re looking for a bong that you want to call your own, it’s going to be fun looking at unique bongs online. Here’s why online shopping for them will be best for you.

So many choices to look at

Local smoke shops are cool because you can get your unique bong the moment you pay for it. However, the catalog is going limited, and you don’t have that many designs to choose from. Local head shops don’t have that much space for inventory. They may have others in stock, but they’ll have to coordinate with the warehouse to get it delivered. Depending on the store, you may have to come back to get it.

When you shop online, you can have several choices to pick from. Online shops don’t have to worry about storage space so they can add several options like a Glass Octopus Bong with a Diffused Downstem, or a Piranha Bong by Mario Petey. Your choices are endless, and out of this world that you’ll be having so much fun choosing your bong.

Glass Watermelon Kiwi Diffused Downstem Mini Bong 6.5 Your design choices are endless, like this Watermelon Kiwi Mini Bong

You can take your time browsing

Although the staff in your local head shop may be excellent, they also have other customers to take care of. Also, there will be times when you’re feeling too shy, or the store is so busy that you can’t ask questions from the staff.

No need to rush when you’re looking at unique glass bongs for sale online. You can read all the necessary details about the bong you want to buy in the online headshop’s product description. If you want to ask something, a simple email or a chat message about any question that you have is enough.

It’s comfortable and convenient

You want to shop for your unique bong, but you've yet to do the laundry, and you only have a pair of good boxes and sweatshirts. Heaven forbid you’d be caught on cam wearing those in your local store.

If you’re going to purchase unique hand blown glass bongs online, you can wear what's comfortable for you. No need to rush through traffic, freeze to death in the snow, or risk going through flash floods to get your bong. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home or miss your favorite show.

You can browse through our selection of cool and unique bongs as you wait for dinner to cook. No need to change your schedule to get the bong that you want. Once you fulfill your order by 4PM MST, we’ll have it shipped to you within the same day.

empire glassworks sprinkled donut mini diffused downstem bong 5.5 inch This Sprinkled Donut Bong

Your choices are your own

It’s uncomfortable shopping for unique bongs if your taste borders on the extreme. Often times you’ll have to make an effort to be the first or last one in the shop to make your choice or purchase. This way, you won’t have any eyes looking at you saying: “Tell me you just didn’t get that bong! There are other bongs way better than that!”

Purchasing online keeps you away from embarrassing stares and comments of other smokers who are more on the conventional side. If you want something different from your friends, a bong that you can distinctly call your own, shopping online is your best option.

Affordable options

Online head shops don’t have to worry about overhead costs like space rent and overhead. As a result, unique bongs are more affordable like our Unique Bubble Perc Bong. This is great if you’re on a budget and prefer to get bongs under $50 or under $100. A good online head shop is aware of your needs and will have affordable bongs that you can choose from.

It’s easy to compare

Sometimes you just can’t decide whether to get the Wake n Bake Coffee Mug Bong or the Empire Glassworks Glass Coconut Bong. No matter how patient your friend or that awesome staff is in the local smoke shop, they can’t wait on you for hours in the store.

With an online head shop, open these two selections in a different browser window, and you can compare the features easily. With all the functionalities laid out on your screen, it’s easy for you to make your choice without asking 20 questions.

Shopping for unique bongs online is fun, easy, and convenient. Click here now, and buy your unique bong. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below!


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  • I absolutely loved how you mentioned that you should shop for bongs online if you want something unique. My brother is getting his medical marijuana card soon and he was wondering how he could find a bong that he would love. I’ll be sure to tell him that he should look for bongs online.

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