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Top 10 of The Best Beaker Bongs To Purchase 2019

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Top 10 of The Best Beaker Bongs To Purchase 2019
Beaker bongs are amazing because their broad base provides better stability compared to straight bongs. They also have a higher water capacity, so you have more water for cooling and filtration. If you’re still looking for that excellent beaker bong, here’s our list of the best ones to get for 2019.

EHLE. Big Brother Beaker Base Ice Bong 17”

Grasscity: $175.99

EHLE. is known for its superb German craftsmanship. As a company that’s been around for decades, EHLE. makes sure that all their bongs undergo strict quality control.

The Big Brother Beaker Bong stands 17” and made with high-quality borosilicate glass. At 5mm thick, this bong doesn’t break easily. You may be concerned with the long neck, but the wide base and the weight of the glass helps increase its stability.

Because of the wide base, there’s more room for water compared to straight-tube bongs. You also get a diffuser downstem that splits smoke, increasing its surface area to create a beautiful bubbling action. More bubbles mean more filtration for smoother, cleaner hits. Add ice, and you’ll get a hit that is cool to the throat minus the intense cough.

The Big Brother Beaker Base Ice Bong is made with German borosilicate glass, so you’ll be sure of its quality and durability.


  • Made of high-quality German borosilicate glass

  • Tall for big hits

  • Diffuser downstem gives clean and smooth hits

  • Large water chamber for efficient filtration

  • Low ice notch gives you room for more ice, which can double as a splash guard.

  • Wide joint provides low-resistance rips

  • Easy, large hits


  • No perc chamber

  • Tall height can make it easy to topple over

  • Can be intimidating for beginners

Floating Beaker by Bougie 10”

Bad Ass Glass - $168.00

Bougie Glass is one of the new glass companies that are out to make a name for themselves. And that they did with their innovative bongs that are beautiful to look at but still give quite a punch.

One of their amazing bongs is the Floating Beaker Bong. At 10 inches, the bong is just the right size for comfortable yet highly satisfying sessions. The compact size does not occupy too much space so you can use and store it without needing too much surface area.

The teal horn gives the bong a mystical appearance and serves as a comfortable grip for passing your bong. Bougie Glass skillfully designed this bong to give it a floating appearance which is unique to this bong alone. With the wide beaker water chamber and the thick base adds stability for long sessions with fewer accidents.


  • Unique, fun design

  • Attractive teal horn accent for secure grip

  • 4-inch base provides stability and weight


  • Expensive for its size

Glasscity 4-Arm Perc Beaker Ice Bong with Ash Catcher 11.8”

Grasscity: $47.99

Glasscity is dedicated to giving smokers quality bongs at affordable prices, and this bong is a perfect testament to that mission. Usually you’ll be spending over $100 for this setup. However, Glasscity made it possible for you to pay less than $50 to enjoy extra features.

The best feature is the ash catcher which helps capture debris from the bowl. This keeps your bong cleaner longer, so you don’t have to change bong water frequently. The ash catcher can also prevent debris from clogging your percs.

There’s an added removable slitted downstem that diffuses smoke to create more bubbles. The 4-arm tree perc adds further filtration, giving you one of the smoothest hits you’ll get from a bong. Throw in an ice cube or two, and you’re in for a mellow session.

The blue accents provide a beautiful contrast to the bong. Don’t be fooled by its size. This can give you big rips that will make your purchase truly worth it. Although the product ships from Spain, you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy your bong.


  • Comes with an ash catcher for cleaner and longer sessions.

  • Tree perc provides added diffusion and filtration.

  • Has an ice catcher that can hold a couple of ice for cool hits.

  • Fast shipping from Spain

  • Affordable for an advanced beaker bong.


  • The tree perc is a bit hard to clean

  • You need a screen due to the large hole in the bowl.

  • Holds a limited amount of ice cubes

  • You need a pipe screen due to the large bowl hole.

  • Thinner glass (3mm) compared to other standard bongs.

rick and morty metallic gold and black diffused downstem beaker bong with ice catcher 13.5 inchRick & Morty Metallic Gold & Black Diffused Downstem Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher 13.5″

Big Daddy Smoke: $63.99

Fans of Rick & Morty will smoke in style with this Metallic Gold and Black Beaker Bong. At 13.5 inches in height, you know you’re up for some seriously fun session – with style.

The Rick & Morty Metallic Gold & Black Beaker Bong is made with 7mm borosilicate glass. You’ll instantly feel the solid quality when you take it out of the box. It’s got a comfortable mouthpiece that creates a seal around your lips to help you get the most out of the beaker bong.

The bong doesn’t come with a percolator, but the diffused downstem provides adequate filtration. You get solid hits with bold flavors that you can only get from a simple, classic bong.

Although the bong has a flashy design, this Rick & Morty bong is pretty straightforward. It comes with no frills so it’s easy to use and maintain. The beaker bong is ideal for those who are after a traditional way of smoking from a bong and want a quick clean up afterward.


  • Thick 7mm glass

  • Comes with a classy Rick & Morty golden decal around the neck

  • Ideal for Rick & Morty fans

  • Smooth, and cool hits


  • No percolator chamber

Tokyo Dope Glass Bong with Tree Percolator by Dopezilla Glass 8.5”

Grasscity: $39.99

Dopezilla Glass gives personality as well as functionality to their bongs. The Dopezilla Glass has more in store for a beaker bong its size.

The Tokyo Dope stands 8.5 inches tall, which is a comfortable height for bongs. There’s also a flared dome between the base and the neck, which can serve as a chamber for gathering smoke. The dome can also help you get a firm grip on your bong during loading and cleaning.

This beaker bong comes with a 4-arm tree perc, perfect for those who are looking for added filtration without compromising too much flavor. Partner that with a diffuser downstem and you get the best deal for extra filtration. Don’t forget to take advantage of the ice pincher to cool down your smoke.


  • Affordable

  • Maximum filtration at an affordable price

  • Attractive green accents

  • Convenient size of sharing

  • Removable downstem for easy cleaning

  • Comes with an ice catcher


  • Tree perc can be a task to clean

  • Ice pincher is too close to the tree arm perc, so be careful when adding ice.

  • Short in size compared to other bongs

EYCE Silicone Beaker Bong 12”

Big Daddy Smoke: $49.30

You can’t talk about the best beaker bong without mentioning the most durable bong on the planet. EYCE Molds created a silicone beaker bong that is virtually indestructible; you can take it with you almost anywhere.

The EYCE Silicone Beaker Bong has several features that you’ll love. The flared mouthpiece allows for comfortable hits. You have a hidden storage compartment beneath the base to keep your stash in. It also comes with its own rolling tray to make packing your herbs easy.

The best way to appreciate the EYCE Silicone Beaker Bong is to take it outside. Pack it in your bag, and you can rough it out during a long treck or camping trip. The only thing you need to worry about is the glass bowl, which you can wrap securely around a piece of cloth. As for the beaker itself? Swim, dive, jump, run and do whatever silly tricks you can think of while carrying it. You’ll still have a solid, complete bong that you can enjoy and relax with once you’ve run out of energy.


  • Durable, virtually indestructible

  • Lightweight

  • Comes in bright colors

  • Detachable parts makes it easy to clean

  • Glass-on-glass fittings

  • Hidden storage container

  • Comes with a magnetic ring lighter holder


  • The opaque material makes it difficult to know when it’s time for heavy cleaning.

Black Leaf Beaker Bong with 6-Arm Tree Percolator 15”

Grasscity: $77.00

Nobody likes getting splashed, and Black Leaf knows it’s the pet peeve of all smokers. What they did is they created a bong that will give you huge rips without giving you a taste of nasty bong water.

This Black Leaf Beaker Bong comes with a dome splash guard that contains a nifty dome splash guard that catches nasty bong water for you. If you’re a heavy puller that loves to get big, deep hits without the disgusting backsplash, you’ll have fun with this Black Leaf Beaker Bong.

What smokers love about this beaker bong is its size. At 15” tall, you’ll be able to get the most out of your herbs in a single load. You can change between a large and small bowl, depending on what you want for your session.

You got a 6-arm tree perc to filter and smoothen your hits, and an ice catcher to cool down your smoke. Still, this massive bong is not for beginners to take on with a large bowl. The large smoke capacity of this beaker bong is enough to punch even a seasoned smoker down.


  • Domed splash guard keeps bong water from your mouth

  • 6-arm tree perc gives smooth, clean hits

  • Massive amount of smoke

  • The bowl that comes with it has a roll stopper for worry-free breaks in between sessions

  • Comes with a diffuse downstem

  • 4mm thick borosilicate glass


  • Huge bowl

  • Pipe screen may be needed

  • Needs a higher water level compared to others

Diamond Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Beaker Bong 13 inchDiamond Glass 8-Arm Tree Perc Beaker Bong 13″

Big Daddy Smoke: $95.99

Diamond Glass created once again a scientific glass piece that is beautiful yet highly efficient.

This glass beaker bong stands 13 inches in height. Small enough to pass around, yet large enough to give satisfying hits for everyone. The body is made with 5mm-thick glass, which gives it that solid quality feel that Diamond Glass is famous for. The 3-pinch ice catcher allows you to add ice to cool down your hits and lessen the harshness of the smoke in your throat.

This American-made glass piece has a 5-inch base and weighs roughly 2lbs for better stability. It may be heavy for some, but that weight keeps the beaker bong steady so it won’t topple over. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this 8-arm tree perc will definitely deliver.


  • The 8-arm perc provides smooth, clean smoke

  • Stable and steady

  • Comfortable to use

  • Flared mouthpiece makes drawing easy

  • Made from thick, quality glass

  • American made


  • Can be heavy to carry

GRAV Helix Beaker Bong 8.75″

Big Daddy Smoke: $142.32

When engineers become smokers, you get the GRAV Helix Beaker Bong. It’s a great combination of scientific efficiency and physical aesthetics that makes it a powerful beaker bong to add to your collection.

This amazing beaker bong gives you a Helix Venturi bong that spins the smoke around like a tornado, effectively cooling the smoke before it reaches your lips. This effect is created through three strategically placed air-intake holes at the base of the Venturi dome. Add the diffusing effect of the Swiss downstem, and you’ll get the smoothest hits you’ll ever get from a bong.

You’ll notice that the bottom is made of durable, thick glass so you don’t have to worry about breaking it easily.


  • Mesmerizing Venturi effect

  • Smooth hits

  • Compact design

  • Easy to hold

  • Thick, durable glass

  • Bold flavors


  • You get a one-hitter bowl with the beaker bong

Goosebump Glass Bent-Neck Beaker Bong 11.5”


Last but not least in our list is the Goosebump Bent-Neck Beaker Bong from Chongz.

This beaker bong is made of 7mm-thick glass, making it one of the thickest and strongest glass bongs. You get a built-in diffuser that helps split the smoke into several small bubbles for filtration. Taking advantage of the ice notches helps lessen the harshness of the smoke.

The cool feature of this bong is the bent neck paired with a 45-degree stem. Even with its compact size, you don’t have to worry about the flame touching your face as you light up your herb.


  • 7mm thick

  • High-quality glass

  • Wide beaker base for stability

  • Comes with a bent neck for comfortable smoking


  • No perc chamber

These are the best beaker bongs you can get in the market today. If you want to see other affordable yet high-quality bongs, take a look at our collection. We’ve carefully chosen our selection of beaker bongs for affordability and quality so you won’t have to spend too much time worrying about what to get.


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