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What is the Best Height for a Bong?

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What is the Best Height for a Bong?
When you’re buying a bong online, the first thing you’ll notice is the height of the bong. What is the best bong height, ad why is this so important? We’ll discuss what’s the ideal size based on what smokers say when they use their bong.

18-inch – the ideal size.

Many love the way an 18-inch bong hits. Whether it’s a beaker bong or a straight-tube bong, this size is the best for most.

Many prefer the beaker bong for this size for its stability. With a wide base, it will provide a good support for such a tall bong. The water capacity as well is enough to provide it a good weight to keep it in place, as well as proper water filtration.

Glowing Spiderweb Boro Glass 14mm Female Diffuser Downstem Per Beaker Bong 13 inch The Glowing Spiderweb

The best part about a bong of this size is the volume of rips. It’s not too big that it will result in stale smoke because you can’t clear it immediately. No one can say it’s also too small to give you the kind of hit that you’re after, especially if you’re regularly hitting a bong.

As a general rule, smokers will tell you that you shouldn’t get anything larger than an 18” bong. Taller ones will give your problems with drag because of their size.

13-inch – pretty decent for starting out

If you’re used to hitting a dry pipe, then this can be a good step-up. Most of the time, those who upgrade from a pipe to a bong are those who are looking for a stronger effect – minus the dry harshness.

What’s good about this pipe? For one, it’s got good handy size to it. Just slightly taller than a ruler, you can carry it around the house or dorm. It’s size also makes it good to pass around when you’re having a session with your friends. If you want big hits, but can’t clear an 18” bong, this is the great size for you to start out.

8-inch below – for those who are after portability and easy rips

Small bongs are ideal if you’re new to smoking. As in new – you haven’t smoked a pipe, a joint, or a blunt in your entire life, this is the ideal size. It’s not too small that you’ll have to do several hits to get the effect that you want. It’s not too big either that you will have a tough time clearing it when you smoke.

Also, if you have problems with hitting a big bong, don’t be too shy to get this one. Hey, smoking is not a contest. It’s something that you should enjoy and relish. You won’t get any satisfaction in smoking if you’re going to cough your lungs out. What’s more, you’re wasting precious herbs because you can’t clear the bong. All that good smoke and herb will go to waste if you use a bong that’s too big for you. Don’t worry. Once you’ve gotten used to this, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to move up to a much bigger bong.

MJ Arsenal Boro Glass 14mm Female Mini Beaker Bong 7 inch Mini bongs

20-inch above – for contenders

For those who are experts, have great lung power, and want a strong hit on a single drag, this can be considered the best in all bong sizes. Not many are keen about it because you do need a lot of pull to clear it out. Hey, clearing a volume of smoke from a 20” tube is no joke. Remember that smoke needs to be cleared in a single hit, or the smoke will go stale. Repeat rips are a no-no when you’re hitting a bong.

However, no one can deny the hit you get from a bong of this massive size. If you’re the type of person who needs repeated hits from an 8” or even an 18” bong, this is the bong size for you. This bong will be able to help you clear an entire bowl of herb in just one rip.

What about mini bongs?

Now, we can’t leave the cute ones behind, can we? These are the best bongs for those have little storage space, want discreet smoking, and prefer small but potent hits packed with flavor.

Have you decided on which bong height to choose? You may also want to check out our post on beaker vs. straight tube bongs. If you’re ready to get your smoking buddy, click here now and get your go-to bong in our collection!



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