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5 of The Best Girly Bongs To Purchase

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5 of The Best Girly Bongs To Purchase
A special day is coming up for your special woman, and you want to give her the best gift to help her enjoy her sesh in the girliest fashion. Here are our 5 top girly bongs that your lovely lady will enjoy.

Diamond Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Beaker Bong 13 inchDiamond Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Beaker Bong 13″

Two things will make your girl love this bong. It comes in a lovely shade of pink that makes this glass less-scientific looking. It’s also small enough for her to put in her bag so that she can take it along to smoke with her friends. This American-made bong is made with 5mm thick glass, giving it a quality feel that your woman will undoubtedly appreciate.

This dual-chamber beaker bong comes with 8-arm tree perc. We love tree percs because it can really filter and smoothen down the smoke. Because this bong is paired with a 4.5” diffuser downstem, she’s going to get smooth, flavorful hits whenever she uses it. The girly bong also has a 3-pinch ice catcher that can serve to hold in ice as well as a splash guard. With the dual-chamber and the ice, the only way for her to get backsplash is through a really hard drag.

The flared mouthpiece makes it comfortable to use. The bowl that comes with it is small enough for small hits, ideal for women who only want a small hit or two. With a pink roll stopper, the bowl won’t be going anywhere while prepares the bong. If she wants a bigger bowl, the 14mm join can accommodate it well.


  • Portable size

  • Thick, American glass

  • Diffused downstem

  • 8-arm tree perc for smooth hits

  • Wide base


  • • Small bowl

Cheech - UV Reactive Zong Bongs

UV reactive bongs are awesome. Add in a Zong feature and you have a lit bong that will be the best for parties.

This UV Reactive Zong Bong by Cheech is made with 7mm thick borosilicate glass. The ‘Z’ shaped neck has a two-tone pink and purple accent that glows in the dark. The wide beaker bowl style is sandblasted with a simple and elegant floral pattern that gives a beautiful contrast to the bong. The wide water chamber gives you room for bigger water and smoke capacity for large hits.

You’ll feel the quality of this bong the moment you hold it. It’s made with 7mm thick borosilicate glass, which makes this one of the sturdy and reliable girly bongs. It’s ha heavy-duty water pipe that has a removable 14mm/18mm diffused downstem.

The wide, thick lip provides an air-tight seal around the lips to help clear out smoke easily. The bowl has a little handle that can help make it easy to lift, and also serves as a roll stopper. It’s going to be a lovely, proud addition to an awesome collection of bongs. This bong is a match for someone who is out to have a fun time with style.


  • Wide water chamber

  • 7mm thick glass

  • Thick lipped mouthpiece for a comfortable smoking experience.

  • UV reactive glass for a colorful display in a backlit room.

  • Affordable


  • You need to watch out for the bong as the Zong shape can make it easy to topple over.

  • Lack of perc chamber

  • Can be a challenge to clear

Glowfly Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Bong 20 inchGlowfly Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Bong 20″

Of course, not all girls are content with small bongs, especially those who have a higher tolerance than most. If your pretty miss wants something that will give her more punch compared to other bongs, The Glowfly Glass Double Tree Perc Bong will be just the thing.

This girly bong stands an impressive 20 inches to accommodate the double tree perc. These arms have several slits at the tip, further diffusing smoke to create massive bubbles. Paired with the diffuser downstem, this bong will give her one of the smoothest hits she’ll get.

The Glowfly Glass Double Tree-Arm Perc bong has a 14mm female joint. The diffuser downstem is 4.5 inches, and the bowl comes in a long, cylindrical shape. The long neck of the bowl makes it easy to remove for clearing the smoke.


  • Double percs for smooth, clean hits

  • Massive size for big hits

  • The bowing shape of the glass makes it easy to hold


  • Too tall for traveling

  • Bowl does not come with a stopper

  • No ice catcher

Piecemaker Kahuna Pink Silicone Bong

If your sweet miss loves to travel or camp out under the stars, then you should get a high-quality silicone bong.

This Kahuna Silicone Bong from Piecemaker comes in a bright pink color that will make her think of flamingos and frills. Another plus about this bong is that it glows in the dark. The Piecemaker Kahuna silicone bong is a cool bong that can also appeal to a special lady who loves to stay indoors but can’t seem to keep a bong for longer than two months. It’s virtually indestructible, and it comes with a silicone downstem to complete its enduring and everlasting presence.

Another special thing about the downstem is that it’s Piecemaker’s signature Hex-Tek diffuser downstem. It spreads the smoke into a multitude of bubbles, giving you clean, soothing smoke. Although you can’t see it, the Kahuna pink bong has a built-in ice catcher to help cool down smoke. If you notice your girl coughing, she’s going to love you for giving her an indestructible bong with an ice catcher.

So, the Kahuna’s got a removable silicone diffuser downstem, and a removable-replaceable 14mm stainless steel bowl. Piecemaker threw in a bonus of a spill-proof cap that can help your girl pre-load this beautiful bong to pack on-the-go.


  • Bright, pink color

  • Glow-in-the-dark

  • Diffuser downstem

  • Ice catcher

  • Easy to clean with the removable base


  • No perc chamber

  • Not ideal for stealth smoking due to its bright color

Pink LV Bong By A.M.G Glass

Combine your girls love for LV bags and accessories with a highly functional smoking device, and you’ll get this lovely Pink LV Bong by A.M.G. Glass.

Inspired by glamour and style, this beautiful 12-inch bong comes in frosted pink and inscribed with distinctive LV logo. However, don’t underestimate this stylish bong. This Pink LV Bong is made of 5mm borosiclicate glass, so it’s got a durability that your princess can count on. The bong is beautifuly made with the right proportions, making it perfect for a high-class lady with a distinctive taste.

The Pink LV Bong also has a Lo Pro 14/18mm laser-cut downstem that splits the smoke for efficient filtration. There’s also an added ice catcher so your girl can add ice to help cool down smoke and lessen irritation.


  • Beautiful LV inspired design

  • Diffused downstem for filtration

  • Wide, thick lip to keep smoke from leaking out.

  • Wide base for adequate water level and stability

  • Made in the USA


  • Frosted glass can make it hard to see if it’s cleaned properly.


What do girls look for in a bong? They want style, femininity, portability, and most notably, comfort in use. The girly bongs should reflect their personality without compromising the smoking experience.

Do you have any other girly bongs you want to recommend? What made the girly bong special that you gave it to your sister, BFF, girlfriend, or even your mom? Also, to the beautiful ladies out there! Do share with us your favorite girly bong that you love to use.

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