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Best Places to Bring Your Acrylic Bong

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Best Places to Bring Your Acrylic Bong
When Graffix made acrylic bongs famous, it became one of the first bongs that smokers buy on a budget. They are one of the most durable bongs that you can get, and many will often compare them with silicone. Because of its durability, it’s not enough that you keep it locked up inside your house. Be daring! Bring them with you outside! Here are some of the best places that you can bring your acrylic bong with you.

At a bong party

Humble your acrylic bong will be compared to elaborate glass bongs from Empire Glassworks, you’ll never know when the acrylic bong will save the day. Beautiful as glass pieces can be, they’re no match for a rowdy party. Imagine if you’re having a bong party with just one bong and that got broken. Should the party stop? No! Whip out your acrylic bong and let everyone continue to have fun with their herbs.

On a camping trip

Not many will bring a glass bong on a camping trip because of the risk of breaking. Accidents can happen, and a trip or two is enough to break your bong into pieces. Although an acrylic bong lacks the pliability of a silicone bong, it can still withstand a good fall drop. You don’t have to pack it with extra care. As long as you’ve got a good, substantial acrylic material, it’s not going to suffer that much damage on the trip up or down.

On a road trip

If you live in a state where herb smoking is allowed, you’re going to have so much fun going from town to town with your acrylic bong. Travel from county to county with your bong, so you don’t have to buy a cheap quick fix at a gasoline station. Sure, they’re not that expensive. However, most acrylic bongs that you get from a store that’s not a specialized smokeshop won’t give you that much of a pleasant experience. Usually, these acrylic bongs are disposable. You’re better of making a bong yourself if you’re going to buy one.

However, if you bring an acrylic bong with you, you know you’re getting the functionality and experience that you deserve — no nasty smell, no noxious taste that will put you off smoking an acrylic bong for life.

On the beach

Do you love going to a beach? Then why not bring your acrylic bong with you? Nothing beats relaxing by the beach watching the sunset after a good swim with a good smoke in hand. The scent of the sea and the fresh air will complement the aroma and flavor of your smoke. Share it with your friends or that special someone that will appreciate a good conversation by the seashore.

An acrylic bong gives you the flexibility of smoking on the go. You don’t have to worry about getting it broken or shattered due to a drop. If you’re looking for an acrylic bong to bring with you while you travel or have a party, we’ve got a few suggestions for you.

Kayd Mayd 3D Shatter-Resistant Plastic 14mm Female Bong with Lighter Holderkayd mayd 3d shatter resistant plastic 14 mm bong with light holder 8.5 inch

Girl parties will always be full of giggles and laughs. If you and your girlfriend are having a pajama or bachelorette party, you know things are going to get crazy. With this bong, you don’t have to worry about your delicate feet stepping on broken glass.


Acrylic Gold Bubble And Orb Bong 18 inchAcrylic Gold Bubble and Orb Bong

Feel like Midas and strut through your throng of followers with this golden bong. It’s an affordable bong that you won’t have to cry over because it’s going to last you a long time. At an impressive height of 18,” you know you’re going to have fun times ahead with this one.


pickle rick acrylic straight tube bong with aluminum bowl and glass downstem 8 inchAcrylic Pickle Rick Straight Tube Bong with Aluminum Bowl

Remember the crazy adventures of Pickle Rick? You’re going to have fun times retelling his crazy story among your friends. Fans of this series can’t get enough out of this wild bong. With its straight tube design, you’ve got a good amount of water volume without compromising flavor. It’s 8” tall, so you can expect great rips with minimum effort. If you’re a Rick and Morty fan, you’re going to need this bong.

Having an acrylic bong is a great go-to for people who are always on the go. If you want your bong, don’t let anyone stop you! Click here now and order one before they go out of stock!

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