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Best Way To Clean a Glass Bong To Keep Your Sesh Fresh

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Best Way To Clean a Glass Bong To Keep Your Sesh Fresh
A gnarly bong spells disaster for your sesh, something that new smokers find out the hard way. Imagine getting excited when you got your delicious herbs in the mail, only to ruin the moment with your dirty bong. The good thing about glass bongs is that they are easy to clean, and there are several ways to do it. We’ll teach you the best way to clean a glass bong to keep your sessions full of flavor, enjoyable, clean, and sanitary!

Best way to clean a glass bong: iso alcohol + salt

For many, this is the best way to clean a glass bong because of several reasons:

  • It’s economical

  • Easier to do

  • The materials are easier to get

The things you’ll need will be 95% isopropyl alcohol or higher, rock salt, and Ziploc bags. You can easily get these in a grocery store, pharmacy, and even online for delivery. To get started with the cleaning:

  1. Remove all the removable parts and place them in separate bags to prevent breaking. You can group the small pieces together as long as you can get a firm grip on them when you shake the bag.

  2. Submerge the pieces in iso alcohol then add a generous amount of rock salt. Kosher or sea salt is fine, as long as the grains are big enough to go through the holes, especially in perc bongs.

  3. Seal the bag then gold the pieces firmly. Shake it for 3-5 minutes to force the alcohol and salt through the pieces, then leave it for 15-30 mins. Soak longer for stubborn residue.

  4. For the bong base, pour alcohol through the mouthpiece, up until below the joint.

  5. For perc bongs, keep pouring until that level, making sure that there’s alcohol inside the percs as well. Pour salt through the joint to prevent clogging the percs.

  6. Use a bong cap or anything that you can use to seal the openings and prevent the solution from leaking.

  7. Shake the glass bong for 3-5 mins then let leave it to soak for 15-30 mins or longer.

  8. Shake the bong and pieces again to further loosen the dirt.

  9. Carefully take out the pieces from the bag and pour out the solution from the bong base.

  10. Rinse everything under warm running water to remove all traces of alcohol.

Coarse salt is highly recommended as they provide the right amount of abrasiveness to clean the bong. Table salt is difficult to use because they are too fine and won’t give that scrubbing power that you need. In case your bong parts have clogs, you can use a really fine wire to gently poke out the blockage. Don’t use a wooden toothpick as it can break and clog the openings.

Using commercial cleaning solutions

Some commercial cleaning solutions are available specifically formulated to get rid of sticky resin from the bong. These are:

  • Formula 420 – for those who are tired of soaking bongs overnight.

  • Organic Orange – fast cleaning action yet made from all-natural, sustainable ingredients.

  • Grunge Off – a biodegradable and reusable bong cleaner that works as good as Formula 420, but can be expensive.

  • Randy’s Black Label – not only is this good for flower resin, but it can also do wonders for your oil rig.

These cleaning solutions work differently, but many use them for cleaning glass pieces quickly. If you find the alcohol-salt method too messy, these are the ones you can use. They are more expensive, though, but they’re an investment if your adulting duties are eating up your bong maintenance time.

Why do you need to clean a glass bong?

Regular maintenance keeps your glass bong looking pretty and brand new. You’ll always see that beautiful brilliance and sparkle that made your heart jump when you unboxed your bong. You also remove that foul rotten resin smell as well as sour taste from your bong. You’ll always appreciate the original smell and flavor of your herbs, especially if you just bought a really expensive herb.

You also keep yourself away from disease. Thick, sticky resin is a good breeding ground for germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Some experience getting sick because they keep using their dirty bongs for days or weeks.

Taking care of your bong means taking care of yourself. Always clean your bong regularly so that your sessions are pure, full of flavor, and safe.


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