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What Bongs Have Minimal Splashback?

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What Bongs Have Minimal Splashback?
Isn’t it annoying that you get splashback (backsplash for some) when you hit your bong? Just when you’re having fun and you want to get a deep, strong hit, you get nasty bong water in your lips. Nothing ruins a good session than having to drink gunk along with your smoke. Hey, you got a bong for smoking, not for drinking! Here are some of the bongs that have minimal splashback for those who like to hit deep, long, and hard.

Pulsar Circ Perc Bent Neck Bong 9.5 inchBent Neck Bongs

Bongs with bent necks provide more than just comfort. Let’s have a look at the Pulsar Circ Perc Bent Neck Bong. At 9.5”, it’s got a slightly longer neck compared to this Silicone Downstem Perc Beaker Bong. However, the bent bong makes it difficult for water to reach the mouthpiece. The curving path prevents the water from shooting up to your lips. Another good thing about this bong is that it doesn’t need too much to become fully functional.


Zong Style Glowfly Glass 14mm Male Downstem Perc Bong 16 inchZong-style bongs

Similar to the concept of bent neck bongs, zong-style bongs have a twisty neck which forces water to go in different directions except straight up. One such bong is this one from Glowfly Glass. The bong has a winding smoke path that not only cools down your smoke but also helps disperse water as it goes up. This way, you’ll be able to clear the bong with your hard draws without worrying about getting watery hits.


Glowfly Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Bong 20 inchTall bongs

Tall bongs have several features that make them favorites of veterans. One is that you can stack percs like the Glowfly Glass Tree Arm Perc Bong. At 20” tall, it’s got a couple of tree arm percs, giving you smooth, clean hits. Did you see the size of the bowl this bong has? It’s more than fitting that a bong this size should have dual percs.

What’s more, there’s an ice catcher that will help cool down smoke for a toke that’s easy on your throat.  Always remember: the taller the bong, the harder you can rip it without getting any splashback.  They are perfect for heavy hitters.

Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Showerhead Perc Bong With Splash Guard Dome 13 inchBongs with splash guards

Splash guards have come a long way in bongs. Modern designs are now able to prevent backsplash more efficiently compared to their earlier counterparts. One such example is this Pulsar Glass Showerhead Perc Bong. It’s got a splashguard dome that limits the upward flow of water when you take a hit. Even with a larger volume of water, wet hits from this bong will be the least of your worries. This is the best option for those who hit hard but still find it challenging to clear a tall bong.

Sidecar Bongs

This takes a bent neck to a whole different level. Sidecar bongs have their mouthpieces attached to the side instead of the top the bong. In some designs, its as if the mouthpiece traded places with the joint of the bong. Another thing to note about this type of bong is that the mouthpiece also comes in a 45° angle. With a deviated location and angled position, these bongs can help lessen splashback effectively.


Grav Labs Glass 14mm Male Fixed Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 8 inchBeaker bongs

Beaker bongs do more than just provide an added surface for water and smoke volume. Compared to a straight tube bong, you’ll get minimal splashback with this design. The reason is the narrowing smoke and water pathway. If you want to have a bong that’s small but loath to compromise water volume, this is the right bong for you. One such example is the GRAV Labs Beaker Bong. It’s the ideal 8” height for the best flavor and experience. Another great feature is the unique style of ice pincher. Not only does it help you have a good grip on the bong, but it also acts as a splash guard.

Bong water is good as long as it stays inside the chamber. It helps filter smoke by capturing water-soluble byproducts of combustion. Having something filled with impurities touch your lips is an experience that most smokers wish to avoid.

There are many types of bongs that can help you limit or prevent splashback. You can start with beaker bongs, then upgrade to a bent neck or zong-style neckpiece to counter the flow of water. A tall bong can also help you extend the water’s travel distance, causing it to slow down or weaken along the way. Splashguards and sidecar mouthpieces can also help!

We hope that we opened up many options for you to choose from. Click here now and choose the bong that’s right for you!

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  • Smaller or less holes in bottom perk or diffuser less splash up also tall as you can clear it reduces some splash up also check splash guards not to be to draggy to clear also experiment because of shape design also helps reduce splash ups also keep it clean as much as you can also helps


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