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Bong vs Pipe: Which one is Best for You?

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Bong vs Pipe: Which one is Best for You?
Are you trying to decide on getting a pipe or a bong? We’ll break down the differences between bong vs pipe to help you decide which one will be the best one for you.

Which one is worth the price?

If you’re looking for value for your money, you should look into the material of the pipe or bong. There are some affordable bongs and pipes that may look good at first but are made with thin, flimsy material.

For great value, especially if you’re looking for a glass pipe or a glass bong, get one made from sturdy material. There are silicone pipes and bongs that can withstand almost any abuse imaginable and still function as good as day one. There are also glass pipes and bongs made with thick glass, giving you great flavor without the need to babysit.

Pulsar Circ Perc Bent Neck Bong 9.5 inch Bongs

How about flavor?

If you want clean, smooth flavor, you should get a bong. The water helps take out combusted material, allowing you to get a taste of your herbs without the combusted material. Water also helps filter out harmful chemicals like tar from your smoke. Get a perc bong like the Pulsar Space Station Perc Bong and get moisturized hits that are easy on the throat.

Pipes give a different flavor altogether. Those who are after strong bold hits often get a steamroller like the Glowfly Glass Retro Steamroller. These little guys give you that punch-in-the-face kind of hits that contenders and expert smokers are looking for. However, if you’re a beginner, we highly recommend getting a 7pipe Twisty Blunt or a Sherlock for easier yet flavorful hits.

I’m on a budget, which one should I get?

Between the two, bongs are by far more expensive compared to pipes. Although there are bongs that are under $50, and you can get a Green Ceramic Coffee Mug Bong for $11.99. Pipes, on the other hand, can go lower. If you want a quick fix and you are on a shoestring budget, you can get the Tiny Windproof Aluminum Metal Pipe for $2.40.

OMG, I only have a few herbs left!

We’ve all had our moments when we open our storage jar and find that we only have a few grams of herbs left. When we’re tightly strapped for cash and payday is 7 days (light-years) away, we have to conserve our herbs. For this purpose, pipe is the best option.  The close distance between the bowl and the mouthpiece delivers your hits almost immediately. The size of the bowl is also small enough to give you a good burn without wasting any herb.

glow in the dark handheld spoon pipe

A bong, whether it’s a large one or a mini, has a bigger bowl compared to a pipe. It’s close to impossible to pack a bowl for a one-hitter, especially if you have a big one like Pulsar Worked Glass Bong Bowl. Because of the air space inside of the bong, you need to fill it up to keep the flavor of smoke. Your hits will just thin down and dissipate, so you need a good pack to get a good smoke.

I want one that I can carry around almost anywhere!

Pipes are the best when it comes to portability. You can easily put them in your pocket, so it’s within easy reach whenever you feel the urge to smoke. It’s best for on-demand smoking because it’s simple to use. Pack it, light it, hit it, and enjoy it. It’s also easy to clean afterward and store in your drawer for your next use.

For bongs, the small ones are a dream to travel with, like the  Grav Labs Mini Bong with Fission Downstem. Simple in design, it’s an almost perfect travel companion when you move around. It’s also ideal for those who have small living spaces and don’t have much room to keep a big bong. However, small as they are, they’re not as compact as a pipe. You can’t hide it in your pocket or shove it between the cushions to keep your friends from finding it.

For the best choice between bong vs pipe, you have to be familiar with your smoking preference. If you want smooth clean hits, go for a bong. For bold, strong and straight flavors, choose a pipe. Also, bongs can give you big rips, while pipes are great for instant, one-hitter gratification. Still undecided? Don’t be shy and ask us your question about bongs and pipes below, and we’ll help you!

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