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The Most Effective Bong Cleaning Kit for Your Water Pipe

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The Most Effective Bong Cleaning Kit for Your Water Pipe
A lot of people overlook the importance of having an effective, thorough bong cleaning kit.Some people just throw their tools away after they get dirty, or they even just use their dirty tools and hope for the best. That just isn’t the way to live.

A smart smoker will use put together some bong brushes, bong cleaners, and all the essentials to keep their tools hygienic and safe to use. The thing is, there are so many different ways to clean out your water pipe? How do you know which ones are the most effective? This article will go through different substances you can use to clean your tools, as well as some application methods.

What Kind of Cleaner Should I Have in my Bong Cleaning Kit?

A most commonly-made mistake in the world of glass water pipes is using isopropyl alcohol to clean them. It’s an attractive solution: it’s fast, easy, and accessible. However, numerous studies have shown that these cleaners leave chemicals in your bong, which are totally harmful to your body.

To stay safe, use only products that you would not mind ingesting. This means you need to start cleaning without chemicals. Staying organic is always a good idea.Do it out of respect for your own body as well as for the environment. Be mindful!

However, the options don’t stop there. You need to know what your cleaner is being used for. Do you want to wash out the gunk that’s already there? Do you need to create a protective layer so that new gunk doesn’t have space to come in? Are you using this cleaner for glass, plastic, or ceramic water pipe?

Different cleaners always market to different types of bongs, so you only need to read their descriptions to figure it out. Just remember to read the ingredients, so that you know for sure that the chemicals aren’t harmful.

Picture of bong cleaning kit

What Kind of Brushes Should I Have in my Bong Cleaning Kit?

For a lot of people, just simple pipe cleaners are enough to keep in their bong cleaning kit. They’re cheap, easy to find, easy to use, and disposable. While that solution is all fine and dandy, it does create quite a bit of waste.

If you feel like your pipe cleaners aren’t getting the job done right, you can take it a step further and invest in a set of tube brushes of different shapes and sizes. It’s fun to go shopping! You can pick and choose which ones will fit best with the tools that you have, and you can always wash and reuse them, unlike your typical pipe cleaners.

Picture of bong brushes

What Are Some Other Ways That I Can Clean my Bong?

Some people like to really go out of their way to use different methods for cleaning their water pipes. Really thorough bong cleaning kits include bong cleaning plugs, bong cleaning caps, bowl cleaners, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

One of the most-reviewed ways to clean your water pipe is with stainless steel beads. It sounds dangerous, but if your bong is made out of more intricate glass, it’s actually a good option. These sensitive beads need to be poured into the bong and lightly shaken around. They work just like a sponge, except ten times more thorough and more effective.

Another simpler, slightly unorthodox way to clean your water pipe is to drop the tube into some boiling water for about ten minutes. It’s an old trick, used for nearly anything. Heat kills germs! If you have lots of resin inside your bong, it might take a few tries to get it to come all off. Still, this method is an old, reliable, and fool-proof trick.

Now, you know the basics of throwing together your very own DIY bong cleaning kits. Know your tools well, and understand how they work together. That’s all you need for a really effective bong cleaning kit.

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