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Difference Between A Honeycomb And Tree Perc Bong

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The honeycomb perc bong and the tree arm perc bong are two of the most popular types of perc bongs in the market. Let’s compare the two and see why both are sought after among avid smokers.


A honeycomb per is a type of disc perc that is fitted parallel to the base of the bong. The disc is riddled with up to a hundred holes throughout the disc, giving it an appearance similar to a honeycomb. Because of its shape, honeycomb percs are often stacked for maximum diffusion.

The tree arm perc starts with a tube that extends upward before doming down to several arms. The arms extend down almost to the point of attachment. A tree perc bong can come with four arms or more and can be stacked like a honeycomb perc. Each arm has 2-3 slits which increase the diffusion capabilities of the perc, although there are some that has ten slits in each arm.


Honeycomb discs are 4mm thick. Regardless of how many holes there are in the disc, the honeycomb perc is still among the most durable percs in a water bong.

The tree arm perc’s thickness varies depending on how many arms you have in the perc. Percs with less than eight arms are thicker than those that have ten arms or more. Although more arms mean better percolation, manufacturers need to thin out the glass to give room for the perc to fit. This results in a fragile perc that can break with overzealous cleaning.


Both percs don’t have much drag in them, although it may increase to a manageable degree if you stack them up. Another reason why most smokers go for these types of percs compared to others.


Honeycomb percs are cheaper because it’s easy to make and install. Price ranges from $60 to $250 for each bong.

Tree arm perc bongs are more expensive compared to honeycomb percs because they are harder to design and fit inside a bong. These guys often go for $60 to $350 per bong.


A honeycomb perc is easier and safer to clean because of its simple and durable design. A tree arm perc bong requires a bit of maneuvering to get through each arm. One wrong shake and you can break an arm or two off of your perc.

So there you have it - the differences between two favorite percolator bongs in the market. How well each perc does in terms of percolation depends on your experience. There are those who say honeycomb percs do better than tree percs, and vice versa. The only way for you to judge is to try them yourself. Check out our collection of honeycomb and tree arm percs from renowned manufacturers.

If you have any preference and why, do share them at our comment section below!


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