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Double Dragon Steamroller Pipe: Double Fun Hits

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Double Dragon Steamroller Pipe: Double Fun Hits
It’s pretty amazing how pipes evolve throughout the years in the industry. Designers and manufacturers are constantly thinking of ways how to make smoking fun, exciting, yet easy on the lungs. Today we’ll talk about the Double Dragon Steamroller Pipe, one of the coolest pipes you’ll have in your collection.

What is the Double Dragon Steamroller Pipe?

This is one super cool pipe that is hand is dubbed as a “Shooter” by the creators. It’s a uniquely designed smoking pipe that gives you the strong punch power of steamroller and the ease of use of a hand pipe. At first look, you’ll say: hey, that’s not a steamroller, that’s a spoon! It looks like a spoon, yes, but it actually functions more like a steamroller.

You have a bowl to hold your herbs and long glass chamber for the smoke. What’s unique about it is that inside the chamber are two dragon heads facing each other with an inch of space between the mouths. One dragon head is connected to the bowl, the other is attached to the mouthpiece.

The Double Dragon Steamroller boasts of a double carb system. The primary carb is at the end of the bowl, while the supporting carb is on the left side. These two carbs have their own special function for the pipe. The end one works just like your carb would in a steamroller. Plug the two carbs, and it’s going gather smoke inside the stem the same way a steamroller does. Releasing the main carb helps you clear the smoke, while the second carb lets you regulate air to cool down and lighten the smoke.

How to use the Double Dragon Steamroller

  • Pack the bowl with your herbs the same way you would a spoon.

  • Cover both carbs and draw through the mouthpiece as you light up the spoon.

  • Maintain a steady draw so that you’ve got a streamlined smoke coming out of one dragon mouth to the other.

  • Play with the carb holes to regulate the speed and intensity of the smoke.

  • Once you’ve had your fill, release the crabholes to clear the chamber.

  • Hold the smoke in for 2-3 seconds then exhale.

Cleaning the pipe

When it comes to cleaning, this is where the pipe loses its awesome points. You need to maintain the pipe regularly since it’s going to be hard to clean the inside. The two dragon heads will make it difficult to drain the cleaning fluid inside because of the seal.

For this reason, the standard iso and salt trick won’t work. You’re going to need some commercial pipe cleaners that can act tough of stuck-on resin to remove all the dirt out.

Final thoughts on the Double Dragon

It’s a really cool pipe that you can use to have fun with and enjoy smoking your favorite herbs. With a wide smoke chamber, you can have fun looking at the smoke or show off your smoking tricks to your friends.

Unfortunately, though, this pipe seems to be out of stock as of the moment. Instead, you can get the Dragon Shooter Steamroller pipe, which is a similar pipe but with only one dragon head. It’s easier to use, and you don’t have to worry too much about the aftercare when you’re done smoking.

There are other steamrollers that can give you a visual display of smoke that you can wow your friends with. The Helix Steamroller for one is a cool steamroller that works through a venturi system with 3 micro vents at the base. These vents allow air to mix with the smoke as it spins inside the Venturi chamber, creating smoke almost as light as air.

If you prefer something simple and easier to use, our staff-pick selection of steamrollers will work for you. These pipes are handy and can easily be your companion wherever you go. Click here now and get your steamroller delivered discreetly at your doorstep.


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