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How to Make Glow in the Dark Bong Water

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How to Make Glow in the Dark Bong Water
Having a smoking party in a room with UV or blacklights is one way to enhance your smoking experience. Add a glow in the dark bong, and you have a great smoking party. Now, if only you can make your bong water glow, and your sesh is going to be complete. We’ll teach you how to make a glow in the dark bong water that is easy to do and safe.

What materials do I need?

One of the things that you’ll need is Quinine, a natural-occurring compound used for treating malaria. It’s also added in tonic water, which gives it its bitter taste. If you’re a long-time fan of DC Cupcakes, one of the girls brushed tonic water on the cupcakes for a glow-in-the-dark theme party.

Tonic water glows under black light due to quinine. Image source: Wikipedia

One YouTuber used cranberry juice as bong water and was surprised that it was deliciously tangy with a sweet aftertaste. Amazingly enough, adding cranberry juice to tonic water will give your glow in the dark bong water a slightly purple tinge.

Want healthier water for your bong? Add in B-12 to your bong water, and you’ll have a milky yellowish fluorescence going. It’s healthy, and there’s nothing to worry about when you accidentally get a taste of it. You only need a small amount of B-12, the smallest tablet that you can have from the pharmacy. If you don’t want the yellow color, add a dash of blue food coloring to make it greenish.

Are you a fan of sports drinks? Gatorade also glows in the dark, and even Monster. Now, of course, the taste of your smoke is going to depend on the flavor of the energy drink. You may want to experiment a bit until you find the best flavor to pair with your herb strain.

If you want to keep it simple, a glass of lemonade can also glow under UV lights.  Get a lemonade concentrate and add it to your bong water. Mix well, and you have a beautiful bluish glow in your bong during your black light bong party.

What should I NOT use for making glow in the dark bong water?

Highlighters will always be one of the glow-in-the-dark ingredients because they’re really effective. The glow is also intense, which is why many are interested in using it. However, highlighter inks are toxic, which makes it a no-no for bong water.

Glow-in-the-dark sticks are great to wear around your wrists, ankles, and

arms. And they should stay right there. Some (admit it, you’re one of them) were crazy enough to think and even suggest using it in bong water. You have to agree that they are bright, or they won’t be used in concerts or for signals when you’re lost. However, the material used in it is unsafe, not to mention there’s glass in it. You have to break the glass to release the chemical in the bong water. Toxic chemicals plus shards is a no-no. Others suggest putting the whole stick in (if it could fit). However, the taste of the plastic material will ruin your sesh. It’s fun for light tricks, but not suitable for human consumption.

How about the flavor?

Of course, the flavor of the water is going to change depending on what you use for your glow in the dark bong water. Others suggest that you can have a “taste test” of the glow in the dark bong water you’re using through a pull test. However, even if you do so, the taste is going to be different if you add smoke to the mix. Some bong water alternatives can complement the taste of your smoke, enhance its flavor, or make it worse.

Be a little bit more adventurous or daring and make your bong water glow. These bong water alternatives will surely give you an unforgettable session with your friends. What’s more, you can always consume the unused leftovers and pass around glowing drinks as well.

Just remember not to use any toxic chemicals in your bong water. No highlighters,  no dishwashing soaps, and no glow in the dark sticks either. Keep those away from your bong. Your goal is to have a fun session that doesn’t end you up in the ER. We’ve all been known to do something crazy every now and then, but this is one time when crazy and smoking don’t mix.

Did you find your secret mix of DIY glow in the dark bong water? Please share your recipe in our comment section!

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