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Grav Labs Flare Straight Tube Bong 12" Review

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Grav Labs Flare Straight Tube Bong 12" Review
Hi everyone! Today we are officially starting our Review Friday! We here at BigDaddySmoke will be doing reviews about different smoking devices that we have in store. We’ll also include some smoking implements that can be an excellent addition to your smoking arsenal. Right now, we’ll start with a bong made by Grav Labs.

Grav Labs Flare Straight Tube Bong 12”

Grav Labs is a US-Based glass company renowned for making one of the best high-quality bongs in the market. This straight tube flare bong is made with high-quality, strong borosilicate glass. It also comes with a 14mm female joint and a 14mm male herb slide. The straight tube stands 12 inches in height and decorated with the Grav Labs logo. It has a wide base at the bottom, an ice pincher at the middle, and a flared mouthpiece at the top. At the side, you will find a fixed reinforced downstem with slits at the end to serve as a diffuser.

The Design

Standing 12 inches tall, the Grav Labs Flare Straight Tube Bong

The body of the Grav Labs Flare Straight Tube Bong is about 5mm thick. With just a touch you’ll know you’re holding a durable piece that can be your companion for long sessions for months on end. The entire tube is clear so you have a clear visual of how much smoke you’re getting and how thick the milk is.

The ice pincher lets you put in ice without any risk of damaging the fixed downstem at the bottom, which you don’t have worry much about because it’s reinforced. It also doubles as a splash guard, reducing the likeliness of you getting splashed.

The common problem with straight bongs is that they easily tip over. Since the bong has a wide and thick base at the bottom, you know this Grav Labs bong will stay steady on your table.

The Experience

Taking a pull is easy and smooth. Because of the flared mouthpiece and elevated glass lip, chugging is easier and comfortable without having to pucker up. Some find the chug a little bit quiet, but it’s a minor inconvenience for those who rely on sound to know how much they are pulling from the bong.

The slitted downstem diffuses the smoke, increasing the surface area that comes in contact with water. The bubbling action helps clean the smoke so you can taste the flavor of your herb. By adding ice, you further enhance your smoking experience with cooler, smoother hits. This contraption makes it a perfect choice for you if you want a creamy milk with your bong but dislike having a percolator.

Cleaning and maintenance are also straightforward. No percs to deal with and all the parts are easy to clean without having to do crazy maneuvers to distribute your cleaning solution.

Overall, the Grav Labs Flare Straight Tube Bong is simple to use, durable, and a comfortable smoking companion for long-term use. If you’re looking for a beginner bong, we highly recommend this piece.

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