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GRAV Upline Series Review: Stepping Up The Game

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When GRAV first emerged with the Gravitron, you know you’ll be expecting a lot of great things from this glass company. Before the GRAV Sip Series, they came up with the GRAV Upline, a batch of smoking devices that’s a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

What is the GRAV Upline?

When GRAV and Micah Evans work together, the end result will always be exceptional and innovative. The Upline series are glass pipes made using thick borosilicate glass designed to give you excellent percolation with close to zero splashback.

You know you have an Upline pipe in your hands when you see the spinal perc. It’s a series of concentric rings that stack inside the pipe one after another. These rings restrict smoke and waterflow, progressively filtering, and percolating smoke as it passes through.

These pipes come in two types: a water pipe and a dry pipe. What’s good about the GRAV Upline when it comes to the water pipes is that you only need an inch of water. This makes it perfect for those who are looking for water filtration without sacrificing the flavor of their herbs. For the dry pipes, you get the same ladder-like filtration that spreads your smoke for smoother hits.

Let’s talk about the pipes included in the GRAV Upline Series

Upline Water Pipe

This is the first and original installment, featuring a unique architecture that’s highly distinctive and eye-catching. It has a 14mm female joint and a slender fixed downstem that collects ash and debris. It’s connected to the base of the bowl for support and stability. The stemless design continues to the spinal perc that stacks your smoke in 5 levels. With its bent mouthpiece, it’s a virtually splashback-free water pipe. Rip as hard as you want, and you’ll still get pure smoke and effortless hits.

grav upline bubblerUpline Bubbler

This bubbler is for those who want it big and bold. At 9” tall, this bubbler is made with a 75mm borosilicate tubing. Aside from the ladder perc, the added fixed fission downstem further moisturizes your hits for a smooth rip.

What’s unique about this bubbler is that the ladder perc is included not only in the body but in the mouthpiece as well. The angled design of the mouthpiece adds to the ergonomic characteristic of the bubbler, making it comfortable to use whether you’re holding it or using it on a countertop. Just like with the Upline Water Pipe, you won’t have to worry about splashbacks because of the focused mouthpiece.

Grav Labs Upline Triple Perc Bubbler 5 inchUpline Hammer Bubbler

GRAV created something smaller for those who prefer a more portable, handy version. The Upline hammer bubbler is 5” tall and made on 35mm tubing. It has the same fission downstem as the Upline Bubbler, and comes with two feet to keep it steady on any flat surface as you rest in-between hits.



grav upline steamrollerUpline Steamroller

A 6” long dry pipe that utilizes the ladder perc to capture ash and debris, lessening the harshness of smoke. The perc also functions as a diffuser, increasing the surface area of the pipe so that the smoke can cool down without losing its potency.



Upline Taster

Slender and smaller than the steamroller, the 3” long tasted is made with a slim 16mm tubing. However, the ladder perc helps reinforce the tubing, making it a more durable taster pipe compared to other one-hitters.



grav upline spoonUpline Spoon

This 5” long pipe has a big push bowl that’s enough for a good satisfying session. If you find the Helix Spoon Pipe a bit pricey, this is a great alternative. With its thick borosilicate glass tubing, it’s a dependable pipe that you can take with you almost anywhere.


Upline GRAV reviews and feedbacks from smokers

It’s easy to appreciate the functionality of the percs after the first hit. The popular one among the series is the Upline Taster, with the pipe excellently made and can give clean hits. The chambers are efficient in cooling down the smoke. It’s easy to become partial to the one-hitter once you get a full taste of its functionality and performance.

The Upline Water Pipe may look like a piece of art, but it’s one of the functional waterpipes that you’ll own. The design goes beyond convention, yet it provides hits that are smooth and better than other traditional designs. As for the bubblers, they can pack quite a powerful punch but gives you the smoothest hits that you can get from the bubbler.

GRAV Upline is one of the best pipes that you’ll have. They may be a challenge to clean because of the ladder percs, but regular maintenance and thorough soaking will be able to solve most issues. Should you wish for other designs, we have other pipes from GRAV like the GRAV Fission Perc Wide Base Bong, GRAV Upright Bubbler, and the GRAV Fixed Downstem Beaker Bong. Click here now, and we’ll get your GRAV pipe delivered in the comforts of your home.

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