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How To Clean a Hookah

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How To Clean a Hookah
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Regular cleaning ensures the longevity of your Hookah. It helps keep your Hookah at an optimum functioning level and ensures continuous tasteful experience. Don’t get intimidated by the intricate design of your Hookah. It’s easy to clean once you get the general idea of how to clean it.

Parts of a Hookah

Let’s get familiar with the parts of a Hookah before you start cleaning.

  • Clay bowl – holds your shisha

  • Base/Vase - serves as smoke and water chamber

  • Stem/Shaft – where smoke travels from the clay bowl down to the base.

  • Pipe – attached to the hose to serve as your mouthpiece

  • Hose - for drawing smoke

  • Grommets – to keep attachments airtight

  • Air/Purge valve – to release excess smoke from the base

All of these parts are washable, except for the hose. Commonly, Hookah hoses that come with your order have metal parts inside that can rust if washed. You can clean the hose with water if the manufacturer states that the hose is washable


We don’t recommend using strong detergents and cleaners when cleaning your Hookah. The best materails you will need are:

  • Warm running water

  • Lemon juice and baking soda placed in separate containers. Use 2 parts lemon to 1 part baking soda.

  • Stem and vase brush

Washing the small parts

Major parts of a Hookah (image source: WikiHow

  1. Cool down the Hookah first to room temperature before you clean it. This is to prevent thermal stress that can damage your Hookah.

  2. Disassemble the Hookah completely, removing the grommets, stem, hose, head, bowl, and hose. Remove the release valve as well.

  3. Wash the grommets and release valve with warm water.

  4. Dump the used tobacco from the bowl. If you placed a foil on the base of the bowl, use your fingers to remove it from the base. Wash the clay bowl with warm water and carefully remove burnt tobacco with your fingers. Be careful not to damage the glaze of your clay bowl.

Cleaning the stem

  1. Run warm water through the opening of the stem to remove any loose particles inside.

  2. Close the faucet gently shake out any excess water inside the stem.

  3. Plug one end of the stem with your finger and pour your lemon juice and baking soda inside the stem.

  4. Use a wet stem brush to scrub the inside clean. Do the same for the other end of the stem.

  5. Rinse the stem under warm running water thoroughly to remove any residue.

Cleaning the Base

  1. Take out the water from the base and rinse the inside with warm water.

  2. Pour your cleaning mixture inside the empty base.

  3. Swirl the solution around and use a wet vase brush to clean the inside.

  4. Dump the cleaning mixture and rinse the vase thoroughly with warm running water.

Cleaning the hose

Cross Hookah hose ends together and hit it against a soft surface (Image source: WikiHow

  1. For washable hoses: Run the hose under warm water for 30 seconds to get the entire residue out.

  2. For non-washable hoses: bend the tube in half and let the ends cross over.

  3. Grip both ends together and whack the body of the hose against a soft surface like the back of a sofa or a cushion several times. This is to loosen up any clinging residue inside the hose. Do it firmly, but not too hard.

  4. Straighten the hose and blow through it as hard as you can. You can use a mini air compressor or a vacuum cleaner to get the residue out of the hose.

Things to consider

Carefully place all components on a drying rack. Position the stem upright and the vase upside down to let the water drip down and dry thoroughly. Hang the washable hose straight down in an airy place to eliminate every drop of water inside it. You can use a mini air compressor or water-proof vacuum cleaner to get all the water out of the hose.

It’s recommended that you clean the hookah regularly after you’re done with your smoking session for the day. If every unique tobacco blend tastes the same, you waited too long before cleaning your Hookah.

Don’t let the water in the Hookah stand for a couple of days. Mold and bacteria can build up inside your Hookah, which can cause serious health problems.
You can soak your Hookah base overnight for deep and thorough cleaning. However, strong dishwashing soaps and cleaning agents are not advised.

Hope our tip is enough to help you maintain your Hookah. If you have questions on how to clean a Hookah purchased in BigDaddySmoke, feel free to leave a comment or contact us!


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