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How Can I Fix a Broken Bong?

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How Can I Fix a Broken Bong?
It’s a heart-stopping moment to see your bong fall get broken. Here are some tips that will help fix a broken bong so that you can use it again.

Assess the damage

The first step always: assess how much damage your bong got from the accident. If it’s broken in just a couple or a few large pieces, you have a higher chance of getting it fixed. If it’s shattered to a dozen or more parts, sadly, it’s beyond repair.

Bond the pieces together

If you’ve got a large portion to re-attach to the bong, or if you have an ornament that fell of, you can do a temporary to semi-permanent fix.

The first thing you need to do is to sand the surfaces together. You’ll need:

  • Wet/dry sandpaper of 500-1200 grit. You need one that you can use with water.

  • Basin with water about halfway

  • A pair of thick gloves

  • ResCaps or any other material that you can use to plug your bong to keep glass and sandpaper debris from getting in.

This is going to take a while, but your patience is going to be worth it. Cut the sandpaper to a workable size, starting with the lower grit. Dip the sandpaper and glass piece repeatedly in water to lubricate the paper. You do this initially to get any debris out and to smoothen any minor roughness that can interfere with the bonding.

Once you got a good round surface, go to the higher grit for a smoother, more polished surface. Carefully run your fingers around it to check for sharpness, then do a mouth test (if the broken area is in the mouthpiece.) Also, check if the pieces can fit snugly together now.

Once you’ve got the surface to smoothen out, you can use:

  • Food-grade silicone glue – non-toxic and waterproof

  • Two-part epoxy – for a broken bong with clean breaks, but can get waterlogged

  • Super-glue – for acrylic bongs, but are toxic. Really more for a quick fix than anything else.

  • Duct tape – the most temporary fix which can also ruin the surface of your bong.

Use a blow torch

Hold it! Before you grab that blowtorch a few feet away from you, stop and think. This option is for those who are experts and know how to control intense heat and melting material. If you want to do this, make sure you have a well-ventilated working area free of fire hazards. All the necessary safety gear and fire-stopping equipment should be handy.

However, this can only work on bongs with clean breaks: no jagged edges, no sawtooth or cracked surfaces. You have to do some additional filing to even out the surfaces to make them fit. If you’re fixing a broken tube, you need to rotate the glass around to distribute the heat evenly on both surfaces. Once the surfaces start to glow and melt, you join the pieces together, rotating the glass as you go. This will take a while until you get a nice, clean seam.

We’ll remind you again: do this with extreme caution.

Send it to a glassblower

This is by far the most expensive option for broken bong repair. If you have some cash handy and you love your bong to death, this method will bring your glass bong back to its former glory. It’s way better than torching the bong yourself. What’s more, they have all the necessary gear for fixing your bong. If you have one similar to This Empire Glassworks Bent-Neck Bee Bong, look for a glassblower who’s an expert in lampworking.

When you're confused on how to fix a broken bong

Except for sending the bong for expert repair, most of the solutions here are temporary. They will help you use your bong again for a short period of time until you get it fixed or replaced. Using a broken bong with broken pieces that can fall off any minute is dangerous and harmful.

Nothing can replace the memories of your loyal, trustworthy bong. However, moving on is your best option, and the simplest solution is to buy a bong and replace the broken one. If you’re looking for affordable bongs, we’ve got you covered. You can have your choice of silicone, acrylic, ceramic, or even glass bongs. Click here now and choose the next bong that will soon become your favorite!

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