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How to Get Rid of Smoker’s Breath Fast

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How to Get Rid of Smoker’s Breath Fast
Enjoying herbs with your bong or pipe is a leisurely experience that you’ll often look forward to at the end of the day. However, that doesn’t include the unpleasant stench of herbs left in your mouth. Bad breath can be an issue and will have an effect on your social interaction with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. We’ll teach you how to get rid of smoker’s breath fast so you’ll have the confidence to speak up close.

Drink water

One of the main reasons for smoker’s breath is dry mouth. This lack of lubrication causes a buildup in your mouth, causing it to become acidic. Odor-causing bacteria will start to accumulate along with debris from the smoke from your herbs. Drinking water will help moisten your mouth and flush out those odor-causing compounds for a cleaner breath.

Consume citrus

It’s tart, it’s juicy. Just thinking about it makes your saliva go on overdrive. Chewing on a citrus fruit or sipping on juice will help cycle saliva through your mouth and even neutralize odors. This s due to the presence of high levels of polyphenols that been identified to help mask bad odor.

Use an oral enzyme rinse

Rinsing your mouth can really help reduce smoker’s breath. However, that mouthwash that your sister’s really fond of won’t work. Mouth rinses often contain alcohol, which can aggravate dry mouth. This will leave your mouth with a smell and aftertaste that’s even worse before the rinse.  Use instead of an oral enzyme rinse that has compounds similar to the proteins found in saliva. A good, thorough rinse will help get good lubrication going in your mouth and eliminate that dank herb odor.

Breath mints for an instant fix

How to get rid of smoker’s breath fast when you’re about to have a meeting? Breath mints will do. The strong formulation will be enough to give you fresh breath that will last for an hour. They come in different flavors that will also help stimulate the formation of saliva. It’s a temporary fix, but it can give you a good reprieve when you need to talk to someone.

Stop mixing tobacco

There are some smokers who mix tobacco with their herbs. This may be to help them transition from the standard smoking to herb consumption or to extend their stash. However, doing so will introduce noxious compounds that can worsen smoker’s breath. If you’re craving for that tobacco taste, you can roll a blunt using cigarette paper instead.

Clean your pipes

Whether you’re using a bong, bubbler, or a hand pipe, make sure that these are always cleaned and well-maintained. A dirty pipe not only ruins the taste of your herbs, but they also harbor bad bacteria that will produce a stinky odor. As you use it, that scent will travel from the pipe and will stick to your mouth. Keep your pipe and mouth foul-smelling free by cleaning your pipes and their accessories.

Practice good oral hygiene

Of course, cleanliness should not be limited to just your pipes. Take care of your mouth as well by brushing regularly and using floss to go rid of the smoke debris stuck between your teeth. Brush and floss twice a day to limit the amount of buildup that is sure to cause bad breath.

Consider vaping

Smoking herbs cause combustion, which is a heavy factor when it comes to smoker’s breath. Using a dry herb vaporizer removes the combustion part in the equation. You can also opt for juice, oils, or dabs to get your fix with little to no stink left behind.

Chew gum

Gums are more than just for adding a layer of flavor to your smoke. If you’re going to ask how to get rid of smoker’s breath fast, chewing gum is going to be a really quick fix. The constant motion of chewing will help stimulate the production of saliva, increasing the lubrication. A sugar-free gum that your dentist recommends is the best option. This will prevent sugar buildup in your mouth that will be a good breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

These are the different ways to help you get rid of smoker’s breath fast. The dankness of your herbs can be a challenge to eliminate. However, regular practice and mindfulness of these techniques can reduce the smell significantly.

Do you have any tips on how to get rid of smoker’s breath fast? Share your technique in the comment section below!

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