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How To Make A Ceramic Bong

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How To Make A Ceramic Bong
A ceramic bong is more of a piece of art that smokers use for display purposes. They can function like any other bong, but they more limitations when it comes to smoking. However, you certainly can't deny the beauty that you see with these pipes. We'll share with you some tips on how to make a ceramic bong in simple-to-follow steps.

*Note: you need to have at least the basic knowledge on how to create pottery

Materials for making the ceramic water pipe

The basic tools and materials you need are the common ones that people use in pottery. For the ceramic body, you will need:

  • Pottery clay

  • Non-toxic glaze

  • Water to keep the clay moist during shaping

For the tools, you'll need

  • A clean, sturdy table for kneading clay

  • Wheel for shaping the clay

  • Plastic or wood scraper

  • Kiln or oven to harden your bong

  • Paintbrush for decorating your bong

  • Torch for firing the clay on the wheel


This video shows how to make a bong by forming different parts.

Steps for creating a bong made of ceramics

Here are simple steps in forming your ceramic bong.

  1. Knead the mud until it's soft and pliable enough for shaping. You need clay that is about 5 inches in diameter, more or less the size of a duckpin bowling ball.

  2. Place the clay on the center of the wheel, shaping it into a wide mound.

  3. Turn the wheel, wetting the material as you go.

  4. Place one hand on the side of the clay to keep its shape and position.

  5. Insert your finger through the center, slowly opening the hole as you go.

  6. Place the scraper on the surface of the pottery. With your hand inside the opening, "pull" the clay up and angle the scraper to narrow the opening.

  7. Half-way through, slightly harden the mud by torching it for less than a minute.

  8. Create the neck by bending the scraper inwards while you pull up. Keep going as high as you want while keeping the same thickness.

  9. Once you got the hight that you like, flare the end a little. This will be your mouthpiece.

  10. Use a long piece of string to separate the bong from the wheel. Keep it to the side for now.

  11. Using another block of mud, throw it until it's a tall cone. Shape the top to form the bowl and separate it from the cone using a string.


  12. Do the same with the downstem, this time inserting a rod to create a tunnel. After separating, add in little holes to act as a diffuser for the pipe. Make sure it's long enough to reach below the water level.


  1. Cut a hole on the side of the body of the pipe. Insert the downstem in an angle. Seal the connection with coiling.

  2. Drill a hole in the bowl and connect it to the downstem.

  3. Smoothen the seams before putting it in the kiln for firing.

  4. Let the kiln cool down to room temperature. Wear gloves and take out the bisque. Apply the glaze, then paint it for a better look. Send it back to the kiln for the final firing.

  5. Take the Vase out of the kiln once it cools down.

Tips for creating a ceramic bong

Keep the clay and your hands wet at all times. This will prevent the mud from sticking to your hands, making it comfortable to spin. The moisture will also help keep the material soft and pliable.

Use the torch occasionally to prevent the ceramic from giving way was you narrow the size as you go up the neck.

Don't expect perfection. Things can happen inside the kiln. Sometimes the bongs don't go out the way you expect it to be. You've observed the proper time, made the necessary precautions, see to it that the glaze is even. No matter how well you made the bong, there will still be some imperfections.

Bongs lovingly done with pottery skills will always be satisfying to see. Smoking with these bongs may be different from traditional pipes, but people can't ignore the skill and artistry. Do you want to have your own ceramic bong? Click here now and get one for your collection.

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