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How to Use a Coffee Mug Bong for Great Mornings

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How to Use a Coffee Mug Bong for Great Mornings
Having a coffee mug bong is a great way to start your day right. Imagine having a cup of coffee that serves as your smoking pipe for your herbs.

What is a coffee mug bong?

A coffee mug bong

A coffee mug bong is a fusion of your coffee cup or mug and smoking pipe. The top space is for your steaming coffee that many of us direly need to start thinking coherently. Usually, you’ll find a hollow chamber beneath the cup for your smoke. On some models, the smoke path wraps around the side of the cup like a trumpet arm.

The bowl is usually located beneath a logo or in front of the cup next to the handle. The carb hole can be found either beneath the herb bowl or on the opposite side of the cup at the same level as the bowl. As for the mouthpiece, you’ll always find it at the handle. It’s either at the tip or slightly beneath the apex.

You get your coffee mug bong in 10oz-16oz capacity, with the cup receptacle for your coffee about 70%-80%. For example, this 10oz Wake and Bake Ceramic coffee mug and pipe combo has approximately an 8oz capacity for coffee. There’s about 2oz of empty space beneath for your smoke to thicken and cool down before it reaches the mouthpiece.

How do you use a coffee mug bong?

A coffee mug bong is not really a bong in the sense that you need water to use it. Instead, you have a fixed herb bowl protruding at the base of the mug. To use the cup, here’s what people usually do:

  1. Prepare your coffee in the mug. You can use brewed coffee or instant; whatever you prefer is okay. It can be hot or cold, depending on what you feel like having in the morning.

  2. Grind your herb to a medium-coarse grind, or tear your herbs using your fingers. It doesn’t have to be too small, or you’ll get your herbs inside and waste them. Big chunks don’t burn evenly, it will waste your herbs more.

    Blue Ceramic Coffee Mug Bong 16oz This cup

  3. Pack the bowl gently to encourage air circulation for the best cherry. Pack it too tight, and you’ll have a difficult drag. Don’t pack too lightly, or you’ll burn off herbs fast before you could even hit them. Just a light tap to keep the herbs from falling is good.

  4. On the table hits: Place the mug on the table with the bowl facing away from you. Draw from the mouthpiece like you would from a bong or pipe. Using a lighter or a wick, light up the bowl as you take a hit.

  5. While holding: this is actually tricky and you should only do it when you’ve had about more than a sip or two of coffee to prevent spillage. Light your wick beforehand if you’re going to do this. Hold the cup the same way you would a regular coffee cup, with the herb bowl facing away from you. Bring the cup close to your lips and angle your head to reach the mouthpiece at the handle. Draw from the mouthpiece and use the wick to light your herbs until you got a good cherry going.

  6. Draw as much smoke as you want then release the mouthpiece. Keep the smoke in for a second or two before you exhale.

Won’t the coffee make the smoke hot?

Amazingly enough, the hits are smooth and full of flavor with a coffee mug bong. The thick ceramic works as a good insulator to keep the lower chamber from getting too hot. In a way, the heat can also help smoothen your hits. Others have tried using warm tea water in their bong, and the experience is amazingly smooth and flavorful.

Is coffee the only drink I can use?

Absolutely not! You can have tea, soup, milk, or even cereal if you prefer. It all depends on you on how you want to do your wake and bake mornings with your coffee mug bong. If you want cold hits, then fill the top with ice and let it sit there for a couple of minutes. Your hits are cool yet conveniently dry at the same time!

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