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How Do You Use a Helix Steamroller?

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How Do You Use a Helix Steamroller?
Are you hesitant to buy a Helix steamroller because of the odd shape? Or do you struggle to get that spinning tornado action that the Helix is famous for? We’ll teach you how to use this wonderful steamroller pipe properly so you can become confident about your purchase.

Get to know the parts first

The first thing you need to do is to become familiar with the anatomy of your GRAV Labs Helix steamroller. Each element has a unique purpose that will help you understand the science behind the design. Let’s talk about the parts basing on the picture below from


At the end of the straight tube is the carb hole, which enables you to regulate the airflow within the steamroller. The push bowl is where your ground herbs sit, then notice the spot where the tube and Venturi chamber meet together. There’s a narrow passage between these two chambers that the smoke passes through, which changes its pressure and travel speed.

The Venturi chamber is where all the magic happens. Notice those angled Tungsten holes strategically placed around the base of the chamber? Those holes allow air to go through in a specific direction that will allow it to spin around and mix with the smoke. What you need is the right draw pressure to encourage air circulation within the Venturi and let the cool air and warm smoke mix together.

Now that you know the important parts of a steamroller, it’s time to use it into action. Let’s get that tornado action going in your pipe!

How to use your helix steamroller pipe

Get your materials ready such as your ground herbs, lighter, and a steamroller. Here’s how you should use your pipe and knock the socks off your feet.

  1. Pack the bowl with medium-coarse ground herb. Use the pad of your pointing finger to press on the herbs gently just to keep them in place and prevent them from spilling over.

  2. Hold the Helix steamroller with your non-dominant hand. Use your pointing finger to plug the carb hole at the tip. Your thumb and other fingers should be positioned across from each other and at the neck of the steamroller.

  3. Place lips around the hole of the mouthpiece and draw from the pipe. Draw and keep a firm, even pressure as if you’re leisurely drinking juice or soda from a straw.

  4. Light the bowl with your non-dominant hand and observe the spinning action of the smoke. A slow and dispersed cloud of smoke in the Venturi means you’re drawing too softly. A fast and violent spread of smoke means you’re ripping to strong.

  5. Adjust your draw until you see a spiraling column of dense yet thin smoke in the center of the Venturi chamber.

  6. Continue drawing until you get the volume of smoke you want. Release the carb hole and take one final inhale.

  7. Hold the smoke in for 2-3 seconds, then exhale.

Practice makes perfect

Steamrollers are one of the best pipes for those who want something strong and robust for their hits. Now add that Helix technology in it, and you have a fantastic pipe that gives you cooler smoke that is easier on the lungs. Keep using your Helix until you get the pressure right. Keep an eye on the smoke and observe your draw to lessen the learning curve.

The more you use your Helix bong, the more you’ll be able to train yourself to use it instinctively. Soon you’ll find yourself creating tornados in your Helix glass steamroller pipe like it’s second nature to you. You’ll be scratching your head, wondering why in the world you were scared of using the Helix in the first place.

Have you decided to get your steamroller? Click here now and get this amazing yet highly powerful steamroller. It’s made with high-quality borosilicate glass, and it’s built to last, giving you cool and easy hits with less cough. Bring it to parties or when friends gather around, and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable session.

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