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Ice Bong: Hits Cool as Ice

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Ice Bong: Hits Cool as Ice
When you've smoked a bong, you'll know why it remains as one of the popular smoking devices in the market. The efficiency of the water filtration with the help of percs gives you smooth, great-tasting hits that are worlds different from dry pipes. However, you can push that experience up a notch by getting an ice bong.

What is an ice bong?

An Ice bong is a water pipe that has an ice catcher inside the neck or smoke chamber. It's usually almost immediately located right above where the water and smoke chamber meet. Depending on the bong brand, the ice catcher can be 2-4 arms pointing inwards to catch the ice. You'll see such ice pinchers in bongs like this Pulsar Swiss Perc Bong with Ice Catcher. Some have like this Grav Labs Beaker Bong has a proprietary ice pincher that doubles as a splashguard.

What should you look for in an ice bong?

To fully appreciate your tube bong with an ice catcher, you need to check out the following:

Number of arms

These types of bongs usually come with 3 arms, allowing you to hold the ice long before they fall into the chamber as they melt. However, some glass bongs have thicker glass and therefore, can't accommodate more than two arms. Look through the mouthpiece and gauge the size of the airpath. A larger gap between the teeth or inner walls means bigger ice for your water chamber.

The distance of the ice pincer from the mouthpiece

The farther the ice pincer from the mouthpiece, the more ice you can add. This, of course, transcends to a more refreshing smoking experience because you have more ice to cool down your smoke.

How do you use a bong with an ice catcher?

You can use the bong as a regular water pipe, or by adding ice to get the full advantage.

  1. Grind your herbs using an herb grinder like the Sharpstone 4pc Solid Top Grinder for that fluffy, even grind. Pack your bowl and set it aside.

  2. Pour water through the mouthpiece until the water chamber is two-thirds full. If you have a multi-perc bong, continue pouring until water falls down the water chamber. Make sure all the percs have adequate water volume. As long as the slits of the diffuser are fully submerged but not drowning, you're good.

  3. Put ice in the bong the same way you did the water. You can use a glass, cup, or a small pitcher to add the ice.

  4. Do it slowly and carefully until you got enough layer of ice. Some add halfway through the smoke chamber, while others fill it almost up to the mouthpiece.

  5. Attach the herb slide, but make sure that the joints are dry.

  6. Hold the ice bong or place it securely on an even surface.

  7. Pull from the mouthpiece and light the bowl.

  8. Draw until you get good milk in the bong.

  9. Lift the bowl and clear out the smoke.

  10. Keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds before you exhale.

Things to consider when you get an ice catcher water pipe

The longer the smoke travels through the ice, the cooler the smoke will be. This is why most bongs with ice catchers are tall for better ice capacity and cooler smoking experience.

As ice melts, water will fill up the water chamber below. you need to keep an eye on the water level. Too much water can cause backsplash, dull the taste of your smoke, or make it hard for you to pull.

Big Daddy Smoke recommendations:

Want to see what we have for bongs with ice catchers? Have a look at the following:


Diamond Glass 14mm Female Removable Diffused Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 15.5 inch

15.5" Diamond Glass Beaker Bong with diffused downstem

At an impressive height, this bong has enough room for layers of ice for a cool, massive hit. It's highly affordable, yet its minimalist design gives it a touch of sophistication and class.




eyce silicone 14mm female diffused beaker bong kit with ice catcher12" EYCE Silicone Beaker Bong with Diffused Downstem

Always breaking your water pipe or fear of breaking it while you add ice? No more worries when you get this one. Made with medical food-grade silicone, this water pipe will give you one of the coolest hits without compromising flavor.



MJ Arsenal Boro Glass 14mm Female Mini Beaker Bong 7 inch7" MJ Arsenal Cache Mini Beaker Bong

Many can't take a mini bong because of the strong hits. MJ Arsenal added ice pinchers to their mini bong, giving you a cooler smoking experience. It comes with a built-in herbal storage jar as well for easy herb access.


We have other bongs with ice catchers for you to try! Click here now and browse through our hand-picked selection!

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