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Piranha Grinder Review: Good For Beginners

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Piranha Grinder Review: Good For Beginners
Are you looking for a good entry-level grinder at a good price? We did a Piranha Grinder review so that you’ll have an idea of how this grinder will work for your herbs.

The Piranha Grinder

The Piranha Grinder is made in China and has an anodized aluminum body. It’s lightweight, making it easy to bring around without adding additional burden. The top has a strong magnet that has a solid grip that you have to do a few nudges to get it to open. If you have ground material stored in the Piranha Grinder, it’s not going to open up and spill up your herbs all over your bag or pocket.

You can get a 2-pc grinder if you’re the straightforward, grind-up-and-go type of person. There’s also a 3-pc grinder that will store your herbs at a bottom compartment. It’s a convenient option if you don’t want to grind often. Loading a glass blunt like the 3.85” 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is also easy and mess-free. Pollen lovers can have a catch as well with the fine screen of the 4-pc grinder.

What shreds your herbs are several diamond-shaped teeth. These are really sharp and has notched edges for a more efficient grind. In between the teeth are strategically placed holes that are circular in the center and elongated at the edges.

The grinders come in different sizes that make it convenient for your grinding needs. There’s a 1.5inch that comes in a 4-pc style that’s no bigger than a lighter. It’s small yet really convenient for being on the go. The largest of Piranha Grinder comes in 3.5”, which is not too big that it will make bothersome to bring in a group session.

All of the grinders come in at different striking colors like:

  • Black

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Gunmetal

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Orange

  • Pink

  • Purple

  • Teal

  • Lime green

  • Rasta

The design is smooth, with the pieces fitting together through deep threads for secure grinding.

Using the Piranha Grinder

The Piranha herb grinder is easy to use, just like any other standard grinder.

  1. You open the top and place your buds in the first compartment where the teeth are. The key is not to put it too much, just leave enough space for the herbs to move around as you grind.

  2. Cover the lid and twist the top and body of the grinder in opposite directions. You can do either a full turn or several quarter-turns back and forth until there’s no resistance.

  3. If you’re using a 4pc grinder, tap the grinder several times to allow the kief to fall in the kief compartment.

  4. Open the compartments and use your herbs as you wish.

Customer Experience on the Piranha Grinder

The grinder can do its job well, but not that perfectly. If you’re looking for a grinder for smoking your pipe like the Snoop Dogg Pounds Friendship Glass Pipe, this grinder can do its job pretty well. Even if you’re going to use it with your bong or load up your own rolls or joints, this is a dependable grinder. On the other hand, it can’t do much when you’re going to use a vaporizer. Some experienced having difficulty getting that fine, fluffy grind that will show the full flavor of the herbs as you vape.

One thing you’ll notice, though, is that the threads are too long. When other grinders need just a few turns to close, you need about 8 full turns to close the grinder. This deep threading can be a godsend if you like to travel a lot as your grinder won’t easily fall apart. However, opening and closing the grinder can be an issue if you have grip or wrist problems.

Another is that the compartments aren’t as deep. You can get a decent load to store your herbs and kief, but you won’t get much storage space. This is most obvious in the shallow kief catcher. It can be good as it will force you to use your kief instantly. It’s a bother, though, if you’re collecting kief for a deeper smoking experience.

Final thoughts on the Piranha Grinder

It’s a good grinder to use if you’re looking for a dependable grinder, this is a good option. The price of the Piranha Grinder is also decent for an entry-level grinder. Should you prefer to vape, you can always finish up grinding with the MFLB Finishing Grinder.

Should you prefer other grinders, have a look at our hand-picked collection. Take your pick and see which one will be the best one for your smoking needs. Click here now and get your grinder sent conveniently to your address!


  • Can’t find a proper review section for Piranha so I’m just going to dump my review here.

    Decade smoker. After using the 3pc Piranha grinder for about a year now, I can safely say it is not worth it. You’ll get a few months out of it before the kief chamber permanently locks. I’ve not been able to open my kief chamber in well over 3 months. “High quality”? Piranha grinders, at least the 3 piece grinders, are a scam. And for $70? Really?

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