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How Often Should You Change Bong Water

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How Often Should You Change Bong Water
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It’s quite an experience when you use a bong after getting accustomed to dry pipes. However, smoking out of a dirty bong is a recipe for disaster. Water acts as a filter for your smoke, trapping all that ash, debris, and combustion impurities. It’s the first thing in the whole bong that gets dirty the moment you smoke out of it. So, how often should you change bong water to get it to function properly?

After every use

The best practice is to clean out bong water after using it. No, not at every hit as some of you crazy ones may think. Once you’re through with your session, you can go ahead and clean it. This practice can be tedious if you’re a daily smoker, but it’s highly encouraged. It’s a must if you’ve got a warm house, or the climate is hot.

Snoop Dogg Pounds JFK Bong Dirty bong water can ruin the overall look of this Snoop Dogg Pounds JFK Bong

When the water gets brownish and dark

Sometimes we get these extended sessions, or you’ve got more than two people using your bong. That, of course, doesn’t mean that your session is going to end with a bowl or two. And if you’ve got a heavy hitter within your pack, you know that debris is going to accumulate in your bong more sooner than later.

On this occasion, you should change your bong water in between sessions. You can let the glass cool down a bit first to change the water, but you can change it immediately when you’re using silicone or acrylic bongs.

When your bong gives off a nasty odor

It’s hard to tell if water needs changing with silicone and ceramic bongs because of the opaque material. Except for hybrid silicone bongs like the Ooze Silicone Bong and Waxmaid Silicone Bong, you won't be able to tell if the water needs cleaning. So how do you know that it’s time to change?

Bongs should smell clean, and the smoke should have that herby, dank aroma. It should not have a stale, foul smell when you use it. Once you get to that point, your bong is already in pressing need of cleaning and water replacement.

You get harsh, bad-tasting smoke

Once your bong water is gets concentrated with all the water-soluble combustion byproducts, its filtration capacity also lessens. Soon you’ll get smoke that tastes almost close to sour and has that harsh, sharp bite that stings your tongue and throat.  Nothing can ruin an experience more than harsh hits, even if you’ve got a cool bong like This 8” Glass Cone bong.

Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Inline Perc Recycler Bong 8.25 inch A dirty bong water can make your hits harsh, even if you’re using a Pulsar Glass Inline Perc Recycler Bong

Why should you replace your bong water?

Your bong water acts almost like an ashtray in a sense. It captures all the toxic materials and impurities from your smoke to give you that clean, fresh taste of your herb.

Let’s look at it in a different way. Your air conditioning unit has a filter, right? You can also buy one of those HVAC filters to screen out all the dust and dirt from the air. However, that filter is not going to last long, and you need to replace it. It’s the same with vacuum cleaners that have water filtration with them, which you clean out after every use.

What’s going to happen if you keep that dirty bong water? It’s an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and other harmful microbes. Add in that accumulated resin stuck on the inner walls of your bong, and you’ve got a good bed for microbial culture.

Imagine inhaling those harmful microbes in your lungs whenever you take a hit? You’re lucky if you got a simple strain that can’t do much. However, what if you got a strong one that sticks deep in your air sacs and is difficult to eliminate? You’ll get a medley of lung infection that can cost you more than a RooR bong.

Bong water is the very soul of your bong. Now that you know how often should you change bong water, you’ll get a consistently clean and pure experience from it. Whenever you feel that your bong is not functioning like the way it used to and everything is in place, you should clean it. It’s a must, especially if you’re using a mini bong.

How often do you change your bong water? Please share your routine in our comment section below!

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