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Safe Smoking During Covid-19

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Safe Smoking During Covid-19
The novel coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19 has spurred people into taking precautions to combat the spread of disease. How do you enjoy your herbs and share them with friends during the outbreak? Here are safe smoking tips that will help you

Stock up on your stash

There's a reason why the government imposed a quarantine, and that's to help stop the spread of the dreaded virus. Stock up on your stash so that you don't have to make repeated trips to your local dispensary for your favorite herb. You should get supplies that will last you for 30 days, more or less, to help limit any activity to and from your home.

Ordering is a great option, so that you don't have to travel far. By doing contact-less delivery, you stay in your home, and you won't be part of the statistics.

Practice. Social. Distancing

This is tough for those who are the friendly, outgoing types who live by being with others. However, social distancing is necessary because you get the virus through droplet spread. Moisture and saliva from a person's breath carry microbes, which you can catch if you stand 3 feet from the person.

Cancel all social plans, don't go outside unless necessary. Stock up, not just on your stash but as well as your basic necessities for a week or more. When talking with people, maintain a 6-feet distance and don't join a crowd even if it looks like something interesting is going on.

The virtual pass

Who says video conferencing is only for webinars, teachers, students, and businesses? Virtual meetups are becoming a thing because of the need for social distancing. Have fun with your friends and "pass the joint" while you share stories about what went on with you and your cat during the quarantine. Have a look at what four friends did while they were on a video call.

Forget going green for a while

Yes, cleaning your bong and pipes the natural way helps save the environment. Although using lemon, vinegar, and other non-chemical solutions to clean your bong helps take out grime, they don't kill microbes. Viruses are tough cookies, with their protein shields acting as an excellent barrier of defense against your ordinary, everyday cleaners. You need something to kill off the virus, which only alcohol can do.

Don't smoke if you can't

Sometimes you just feel sick because it's hay fever, or you just got the common cold or flu. When you're sick, don't smoke yet. Let your lungs and body recover before you hit your pipe or vape. Remember that smoke isn't natural air, and weak lungs can't do much against smoke.

If you can't avoid sharing, Bong condoms are the thing

As much as possible, we don't recommend bong sharing. However, if you only have one bong in the house and there's two of you who need their daily dose of herb, you can do so with bong condoms. These are mostly made of medical-grade silicone that can cover the mouthpiece of your bong. You can get one that will act as a film, look like a cone extension that will form an extension over the mouthpiece.

Have sanitizing wipes handy.

Although mouthpiece covers can help limit the transfer of saliva, don't forget that you're touching the bong and the tabletop. Make sure that you also wipe your hands and your bong after each hit to keep things clean and sanitary.

Stay healthy

Those who have a weak immune system are the ones who are at high risk. Keep yourself in tip-top shape by eating healthy, sleeping right, and keeping yourself active. You don't need to jog or go to the gym. Dance like crazy inside your room, do chair or wall push-ups and use that treadmill that's been accumulating dust in your basement.

Safe smoking practices is the best way to help you enjoy our herbs and your pipes during isolation. If you need some smoking devices, click here now and have a look at our collection. We'll have your order delivered right at your doorstep, so you don't have to risk going out to get a good bong or pipe for your herbs.

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