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Sharper Herb Grinder: Does It Give Effortless Shredding?

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Sharper Herb Grinder: Does It Give Effortless Shredding?
What’s the first thing that you ask yourself when you’re looking for grinders? Usually, we all have the same question: Is it sharp enough to handle the thickest, stickiest buds? We took at Sharper Herb Grinder to see if the grinder will live up to its name.

What is The Sharper Grinder?

The Sharper grinder is a company based in Los Angeles dedicated to giving smokers high-quality grinders. During their years in their industry, they’ve created a line of herb grinders that offer a variety of style and functionality for smokers.

Grinder materials

The Sharper Herb Grinder is made of durable aluminum alloy. It’s lightweight, yet can withstand some rough handling and accidents from butterfingers. It’s precision-machined so that each part is perfectly aligned as a whole system. With its strong magnetic top, the lid stays closed, keeping your herbs in, and you don’t have to worry about spillage.

Some have clear tops that will allow you to see your herbs as you grind them. No more second-guessing if your herbs are ready or not. These see-through tops are made from durable acrylic material, so no points are taken out for durability.

Different styles and designs

One of the things that you’ll love about the Sharper Herb Grinder is that you have the following choices to choose from.

Sharper Wood Grinder

Old school never gets old when you have a wooden grinder. This 3-pc herb grinder has a wooden body with beautiful wood grains and polished finish for a rustic yet classy look. The 16 teeth are made from zinc, and you have a stainless steel screen to catch precious pollen. It’s 2” in diameter, making it highly portable and convenient for travel.

Sharper 4-pc Grinder

If you want something more compact and convenient for micro-dosing, this is an ideal grinder for you. Made of durable aluminum, this grinder is a tiny 1.5” tool that has circular teeth and stainless steel mesh screen.

Ball-in-Maze Grinder

Bring back childhood memories and play with your grinder to your heart’s content. This Ball-in-Maze Grinder features a challenging game of twisting and turning to get the metal ball through. It still has the same functional features as a strong magnetic top, 18 sharp teeth, and separate chambers for your herbs and pollen. 2” in diameter and made with aluminum alloy, this grinder can easily be both a toy and a tool for every playful or anxious smoker.

Turbine Shape Top

Spinning turbines always look lethal and sharp. This 2.5” herb grinder has turbine-shaped teeth that will make grinding fun and exciting. You have uniquely shaped circular teeth that compliments the grinding power of the turbine blade.

Hand Crank Grinder

If you prefer something easier on the wrist, there’s a Sharper Herb Grinder that comes with a hand crank. It’s 2.5” in diameter and is crafted from heavy-duty aircraft grade billet aluminum. 23 diamond-shaped teeth will make it easy for you to grind your herbs along with spinning thunder-shaped teeth. It also comes with a fine mesh screen for catching delicious pollen.

Jumbo Herb Grinder

If there’s a mini grinder, there’s also a jumbo grinder. This 2-pc grinder makes it easy for you to grind large amounts of herbs, making it easy for you to load multiple bowls or rolls. There’s no pollen catcher, though, making it one of the simplest and straightforward grinders you’ll have.

The word on the Sharper Herb Grinder

It’s one of the godly satisfying herb grinders you’ll ever have. The Sharper Herb Grinder fulfills your expectations in a grinder. The designs that you can pick from can make your head spin. There’s also the cake stack design and one that has a side dispenser for hands-free loading.

The grinder is going to be one of the proud additions to your smoking tools and gadgets. With a wide range of prices, there’s something for you, depending on your budget. It’s not as highly-reviewed as other herb grinders like the Sharpsone or Kannastor, though. The user experience is going to depend on the style and design of your grinder.

With different models to choose from, there’s a grinder that will surely match your style. If you prefer more traditional engineering, have a look at our collection. We’ve got the tried and tested Kannastor and Sharpstone grinders. Click here now as our stocks are fast running out!

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