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Silicone Bongs vs. Acrylic Bongs

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Silicone Bongs vs. Acrylic Bongs
Durable bongs can save you a lot of pain (and money), especially if you have problems with balance, dexterity, and coordination. For those who frequently drop or break their water pipes, there are two types of bongs to choose from: silicone and acrylic. Here’s the difference between the two so you’ll get a general idea which one to get.


Silicone bongs, because of the nature of the material, can be made into varying shapes and sizes. They can even come with bright, psychedelic color designs that make them fun to use – and easy to find in dim areas. You can have a silicone bong that has the shape of a skull, elephant, or a tank without any fear of getting a part chipped off.

Acrylic bongs can also be molded into various shapes and made with interesting patterns. However, because of the brittleness of the material, the designs don’t have the same eye appeal as silicone bongs.


Silicone bongs win hands down in terms of durability and pliability. You can twist, bend, compress, and slam them against the wall and nothing will happen to it. They also have high melting points so you won’t have to worry (too much) if you accidentally hit the flame close to the stem. Most smokers take one with them during camping trips and travel because they don’t have to be too careful with their bags and luggage.

green rick and morty acrylic straight tube bong 8 inch

Acrylic bongs are more durable than glass bongs, but not as much compared to silicone bongs. They can still break if applied with a strong pressure or force.

Ease of use

Using silicone bongs is easy. There’s no drag to it, and it won’t “suck in” when you take a hit. Some say the smoke is harsh, probably because silicone is an insulator and can retain heat. You can go around this by using ice or ice water inside the bong.

Acrylic bongs have a bit of a drag to it that some experience difficulty using it. However, you can only notice this if you tried smoking from a glass or silicone bong.

Smoking experience

Silicone bongs don’t have much drag when you take a hit. Some say you get a taste of plastic, but that’s what you get when you buy cheap imitation bongs from seedy head shops. All of our silicone bongs come from reputable suppliers so that you won’t have a problem with poor flavor delivery.

Another plus side of silicone bongs is insulation. Ice can last longer, and the water stays colder longer than with acrylic bongs. Triple the cooling effect by freezing the silicone bong before using it, although some feel that doing so can mute the flavor of the smoke.


High-grade silicone bongs like what we have here in BigDaddySmoke are all safe to use with your herbs. They are made from food-grade BPA-free silicone material, which is inert and won’t react to the presence of heat and other chemicals.

Acrylic bongs react to heat and smoke after a while. They get murky, and some say they give off this plastic taste that ruins the session.

eyce silicone 14mm female diffused beaker bong kit with ice catcher Ice can last longer in an EYCE Silicone Beaker Bong


You have three ways to clean your silicone bong: deep freezing, using bong cleaners, or through a dishwasher. Silicone can withstand low freezing temperatures. Place the silicone bong in the freezer for hours, or even overnight. Crunch it up, and you’ll hear resin crackling and peeling off. If you want a deeper clean, you can use your bong cleaner, or pop it inside the dishwasher. However, because silicone is opaque, you cannot see when it’s time to clean your bong, and which area needs cleaning the most.

Acrylic bongs don’t offer much flexibility in terms of cleaning. You can only use warm water and dishwashing soap to clean your acrylic bong, which means you’ll be having a hard time removing stuck and solidified resin. Using bong cleaners can ruin the decals of the acrylic bong and even penetrate the material. The upside is, depending on the design and presence of decals, it’s easier to see that you need to clean an acrylic bong.


Silicone bongs are more expensive than acrylic bongs because of the quality of material as well as design. Our silicone bong prices range from $19.12 – $49.31.

Acrylic bongs are more affordable because manufacturers can easily mass produce them. The material is also inexpensive. You will find our acrylic bongs have prices between $11.99 – $39.99

If you’re looking for indestructible bongs, you have a choice between silicone bongs and acrylic bongs. They have various qualities that make them unique and enjoyable to use.

What makes you prefer one over the other? Have you tried one or both of them? Please share your story in our comment section below!


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