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15 Smoking Hacks For Fun, Money-Saving Sesh

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15 Smoking Hacks For Fun, Money-Saving Sesh
You got a new bong or pipe that you love to utilize to the fullest? Here's our list of smoking hacks that will make your sesh with your new or favorite pipe fun, easy, and economical!

Have candy

The sweetness of the candy can help bring out the subtle flavors of your herbs. If you're a first-time smoker, sucking on candy while smoking can help you transition with the taste of your bud.

Put honey in your joint

We're not talking about a gooey smear that will make your joint useless. Just a really thin coat that will keep your paper from burning too fast. It's going to make your paper burn easily too!

Keep coffee with you

Wake and bake is not only for breakfast. If you experience getting sleepy while smoking, have a pot of freshly brewed coffee around. Or better yet, use a coffee cup bong like our Purple Sip Puff Pass.

Keep those ABV

Already been vaped (ABV) herbs can still be useful. If you don't have enough stash left and you need time to buy a refill, use these for edibles.

Store your herbs properly

An airtight container is essential to keep your herbs fresh. However, you also need to keep it from getting exposed to too much light. Line the outside of your herb storage jar with black construction paper to keep it light-proof.

Have a magnet

There are small magnets that you can attach to your bong in an inconspicuous and unobtrusive place. It's going to have the same concept as the EYCE dab rig, wherein you use the magnet to keep the lighter in place.

Enjoy it with meals

Do you experience a lack of appetite? Or do you find that food no longer tastes as good as before? How about having a bowl of herbs to smoke while you're eating? It's going to boost your appetite and enhance the flavor of your food as well. What's more, if you got your favorite coffee blend going, your herb is going to make it better.

Travel with bubble wrap

Containers can be a pain when you travel. Place your herbs inside a Ziplock bag and wrap it around a layer of bubble wrap to keep them from breaking apart.

Flavor your herbs

Do you enjoy flavored wraps? Why not keep your herbs in the used pack? The left-over essence will seep through your favorite bud, giving it a subtle layer of flavor.

Fruit is good!

If you don't want to eat candy, sweet fruits are also okay. Watermelon is a great fruit to enjoy while you're smoking. You'll forget your inhibitions and eat the fruit the way it should be eaten!

Update your Spotify

Music has a way of enhancing your smoke session. Have a list of your favorite songs that you always listen to when you smoke. Even better is to organize it according to how you want your session to go! Light to heavy, or light-heavy-light, depending on your mood.

Clean that Frisbee

If you don't have a rolling tray, a Frisbee will be your life saver among smoking hacks. The rolled-up edges can help keep the herbs in place and prevent floor spillage. It makes it easy to scoop herbs, too.

An apple bowl to the rescue

In case you forgot your bong, pipe, or broke your herb bowl, an apple is a great alternative. It's cheaper, easy to make, and you don't have to worry about cleanups.

Penny in a pill bottle

Did you lose your grinder or waiting for a new one to arrive? You don't have to wait for it to pack a pretty blunt. Clean a penny with rubbing alcohol to wipe out all the dirt and grime. Wash it out with water and let it dry. Pop your nug in the pill bottle with the penny and cap it. Shake it and you've got a good nug to roll.

Keep moisturized

Smoking herbs can cause dry mouth. A peppermint flavored lip balm can help prevent chapped lips. There are also those who report vaginal dryness after a good smoke. Keep a little packet of lube handy in case things get hot. It's a must-do of the smoking hacks for couples who love to smoke.

Which hack did you like and always use? Please share them in the comment section below!

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