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The History of the Gravity Bong

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The History of the Gravity Bong
The gravity bong (i.e., bucket bong or waterfall bong) is a smoking system that produces highly concentrated herb smoke in one colossal rip. It allows you to consume almost an entire bowl-full of herb all at once. The gravity bong creates concentrated milk through the action of gravity. You create a vacuum by combining two containers, with water acting as the “seal.” As you lift the upper chamber, gravity pulls in the smoke from the bowl. The higher you lift, the thicker the milk gets. It’s pretty much an epic way of enjoying your herb because of the massive amount of smoke you take in with just one drag. But how did the gravity bong start?

Late 1990’s – The emergence of the gravity bong

The first bucket or gravity bong was created around the late 1990s. The goal was to increase the smoking effects of herbs with just one hit. It gained popularity in the smoking culture because it’s easy to make. With just a few materials you can find in your home, you can make your own gravity bong in no time.

Smokers got pretty imaginative when it comes to creating their gravity bong. Some used small bottles inside a pitcher. Others got pretty daring and used a five-gallon water bottle inside a huge drum of water for a group sesh.

However, safety is a major issue with the use of plastic and aluminum parts. Depending on the size of the water bottle, it can be hard to find a bong bowl that will fit.

2004 – Modernization of the gravity bong

David Daily modernized the gravity bong by designing an all-glass Gravitron. He saw the opportunity to upgrade the gravity bong into a safer, styling design. He developed a complete system of gravity bong. A bottomless glass bottle is fitted inside an outer glass base. A specially designed glass bowl and downstem sit on top of the lip. The downstem comes with a grommet seal to keep the smoke in. It also doubles as a mouthpiece for taking hits.

This is the first all-glass gravity bong system. Because of the material, smokers get to enjoy huge hits without the taste of metal and plastic. David Daily also made the gravity bong affordable for everyone to enjoy.

2017 – Upgraded and innovative design

Studenglass further innovated the gravity bong with their own design. The Studenglass is a state-of-the-art mounted gravity bong. It has two compartments. You fill one chamber with water, and the upper chamber fills with smoke. The metal parts are assembled with anodized aircraft grade aluminum, surgical stainless steel, and quality Teflon seals. The material is built to last for a long time.

The Studenglass system works by flipping or rotating the chamber upside down. Water goes down the lower chamber, creating a vacuum that sucks in smoke from your bowl. You rotate it again, and the water pushes out the smoke in a steady, constant pressure. There is no need for you to seal your lips around the mouthpiece and suck in like you would with a standard gravity bong. Water is contained so there’s no mess and spills.

The Studenglass gravity bong can also be converted into a hookah or a dab rig. You can also attach a hookah hose at the mouthpiece. This totally wicked gravity bong, however, is quite expensive still made-to-order.

The evolving design and innovation continually make the gravity bong interesting throughout the years. The design constantly improves the taste and smoking experience. The best way to enjoy the full potential of a gravity bong is to use an all-glass system like the Grav Labs Gravitron. Although the setup is modern, it still has the same function of the primitive gravity bong with the added safety.

Did you experience using the gravity bong from the time it started up to its modern design? Share your thoughts about how each innovation changed how you use this smoking device.


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  • Don’t know when the first gravity bong was invented but in 1974 I made my first one after doing a kitchen sink full of dishes LOL pull up I glass and went what the hell then grabbed a plastic bottle cut the bottom off and realized how much suction was there and voila the first bucket toker that l had ever seen or had heard of. Not too sure whether I was the first one to Discover It or Not but before that never heard or seen one, thinking there is a possibility I could be the originator but not too sure. I live in Ontario and a few years later I was visiting somebody in New Brunswick and they’re telling me about this new way to Toke with this bucket toker and I just laughed. Couldn’t believe it reach the east coast of Canada in such a short period of time. Not to sure if I was the first to make one or not but either way I am sure mine helped to make the world a happier place LOL. Oh and by the way best way is, Once you pull the smoke into the chamber suck that water back up into the bottle don’t push it,, that way you pulling deep into the lungs and not just filling your Airways. Lol then sit back and enjoy. CHEERS TO ALL and if there was one made earlier then 1974 chirp up lol

  • #FakeNews, Completely false. I got to college in 1987 & people were doing this & calling it a “gravity bong”. Pretty sure that the fraternities had been passing the idea along since a 1970s movie. I assumed that it was a Cheech & Chong film.

    J Croughwell
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