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Tips on How to Get Amazing Bong Hits

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Tips on How to Get Amazing Bong Hits
Previously we’ve talked about stale bong hits, which is a harsh, almost sour tasting rips from a bong. Now that we know what causes them let’s move on to the bright side of things. We’ll discuss how to get amazing bong hits so that every day with your bong is just like day one.

Clean your bong

It seems pretty simple and basic, but then again, it’s the most neglected practice by many bong users. Using a dirty bong ruin the taste and your session overall. Imagine smoking a cigarette with a used filter. Disgusting, right? It’s the same with a bong. Resin can also harbor microorganisms that can harm your health. Keep your bong clean, and you’ll taste every nuance of flavor that you can get from your herb.

Pulsar swiss perc bong 17.75 Take full advantage of your bong’s features

Maintain the right water level and replace it

Water is your filter, and you need to have the right water level to get the hits that you want. Less water means harsher smoke, and too much gives you backsplash that ruins the moment. If you’re using a multi-perc bong, all of the percs should have the holes and slits submerged underwater. Because smoke travels through a path of least resistance, any poorly submerged perc is going to be the weak link in your bong.

Replace the bong water regularly as well, especially during long, extended sessions. Once you see the water having more than its share of floating ash and have a dark color, replace it ASAP. You’ll be surprised how fresh and clean your smoke will be once you do.

Use an ash catcher

Having percs in a bong can significantly cool down your smoke and smoothen the hits. Simple bong designs like this Boro Glass Beaker Bong is pretty straightforward, with only a diffuser downstem to help filter and cool down smoke. Adding an ash catcher will help improve its function greatly, especially if you get one that has a perc in it. The added filtration and cooling can go a long way and give you one of the amazing bong hits you’ve ever had.

Blow out the smoke from the downstem

There are some occasions when you can’t clear the smoke from the bong, and you don’t have any friends to help take it out. That left-over smoke is going to ruin hit, after hit, after hit unless you clear it out. Force it out by blowing through the downstem. This way, you have room for another fresh rip without any stale flavor.

Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Twin Jellyfish Percs Bong 17 inch A tall bong

Grind your herbs

You’ll often see people tearing up their herbs before packing them in the bowl. Some do a pretty good job of it that it’s similar to using a grinder. Others use scissors and can’t be bothered. However, the key to getting amazing bong hits is getting the proper consistency. Evenly ground herbs burn better and produce more flavor. Not to mention you save on herbs this way because you burn them off efficiently.

Use a wick

Lighters are great and convenient. With a cool flick, you’ve got a fire going and you’re the boss of your pack. However, put it too close to your bowl and you’ll be getting butane hits that are nasty and just plain awful.

When you use a wick, you don’t get any nasty chemicals inside your bong. The fire is enough to get it going, and you don’t have to deal with extra chemical doses that don’t belong in your hit. Sure, you’re going to fire it up with your lighter. But if you want a cleaner tasting smoke, especially if you have a discriminating palette, you should use a wick.

Don’t pull more than you can clear

We all challenge ourselves one way or another when it comes to hitting bongs. Admit it, we all had our insane moments when we want to clear an entire bowl with one hit through a 20” bong like the Kayd Mayd Kleopatra Bong. It’s good if you can do it, but this one is for the contenders. Pull only the right amount of smoke that you can clear in one go. Don’t force yourself to take in that much smoke when you have a lesser lung power and capacity.

What do you do to get amazing hits from your bong? Please share your techniques in the comment section!

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